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I’m just wondering how the seating arrangements are at the Sci Fi. We are a family of 4. I know it is set up like a drive-in so would we sit 2 front seat, 2 back seat or 4 straight across?

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When I ate there it was two front, two back…:slight_smile:


2 in the front and 2 in the back.
We went for the 1st time 3weeks ago, and it was fun!!
The milkshakes are soooo good!!!
We did burgers and chicken sandwiches and they were very good!!


Yep, two in the front, two in the back.

There are a limited number of picnic tables and round tables in the back, but what fun is that?

So put those kids in the front seat of the car, and the adults can neck in the back. :wink:


I have another question-is this all set up outside?

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We enjoyed eating at the Sci Fi last year. Make sure you have a reservation, the place is very busy and it fills up quickly.
As far as seating. We are a family of four. Each car has three rows, which sits two people in each row. so 6 people fit in a car. We got the first two rows. We put both kids in the front seat and we sat behind them. Then they put another couple behind us that we didn’t know.

The way the car is set up everyone looking forward you even forgot that they were back there. I recommend the place because it is different then other places as far as the setting. Enjoy. :biggrin:


No it is inside a building, but you feel like you are at a drive-in at night. The themeing is pretty cool. It’s like a evening at the drive-in, but instead of going to the concession to get food, the servers come to you.
They should serve popcorn before the meal… :tongue:


It’s inside…though they make it look like you are outside at night…you know…so you can see the movies they are showing on the screen :happy:


The car we had only had 2 rows, I think some cars have 2 rows and some cars have 3 rows. Possibly the cars in the back have 3 rows.


Some of the cars, and only a few, are actually “car fronts” with tables sticking out of the back…I wish I had a picture to explain that…but I only remember seeing one or two, maybe that’s for large parties with smaller kids


Whoohoo I am not crazy…here is a pix


Thanks for the pic Bella…but I wouldn’t go as far as to say you’re not on the crazy side :wink:


Oh…Okay…Miss…FUNNY LADY :ninja:


:tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:


Don’t forget to ask for your official “driver’s liscences”! Oh, and if you don’t smile and joke with your server, you will be written a “ticket”! This happened to the car next to us!

(although, my sons and I were ticketed for using the restroom! It’s located “behind the trees”, a wall painted to look like a row of trees!)Hilarious, and a really great time! Great drinks too, especially when you get those really cool glowing cubes in them!


I love Sci-Fi, the milkshakes are awsome and the burgers and onion rings…
Note to self: Start new dining plan for October - 1st - Sci-Fi Dinner :mickey:


My youngest DS falls asleep at Sci Fi every time we go there! It’s hysterical… the glaze comes over his eyes, and he’s out! I guess the “night” theme fools his body clock!


We love the Sci-Fi!
My DS really loved getting the drivers license last year.


And I love those classic “B” movie trailers and cartoons that are showing on the screen! I’ve actually seen all the movies that are featured!

(I love watching really bad movies, a la Mystery Science Theater 3000!) :wink:


You guys are making me hungry for burgers and onion rings now! Plus I’m even more hyped up to try this place for the first time now. Only have to wait til July!