Sci-Fi Seating


We have upcoming reservations at Sci-Fi …so how does the seating work? How many per table/car? We have 8 in our party, do the have bigger cars to sit at?


The biggest cars i’ve seen hold 6, maybe 7 if 3 reeeeally small kids are on 1 row. There is seating for 8+ at regular tables, but I don’t recall cars for 8. Some cars hold 4, maybe try for 2 of those.


Yep, I’m pretty sure the biggest cars hold 6 adults. I don’t think they go up to 8, so you’ll probably be sitting at a table. I guess they could split you up into 2 groups of 4 if you want to sit in a car…not sure if they do that there or not.


There is a “car”. That has the front end and back end with a regular table in the middle. It is in the middle of the drive in. You should all be sitting together unless you are put into the picnic tables by the concession stand in the back. Fun restaurant. I just wish there were more trailers so they don’t repeat so much. We still go every trip though!


I’m with you Hanwill. If you don’t eat fast—you do start to see repeats of the clips. I too wish they had just a bit longer loop. :slight_smile:


Seven of us fit in the three rows of seats last year. My parents sat in one row, 3 kids (age 15, 13, 10) in the middle seat and DH and I in the front seat. I think it depends on the size of the people. Unless you are all adults, you may all fit in one car.


Like I said previous…8 in our party , but 2 are football players and I’m also a large person. We may have to go with the two table idea. Thanx for input.


The last time I went with a party of eight we were sat in 2 cars side by side. The time before we were sat in 2 cars back to back. So it just depends.