Sci Fi VS 50's


Taking a girls trip in September…my friend has not been to WDW in 12 years, so she is super excited.
I’m trying to keep our AR’s festive, fun and tasty.
I usually travel with just my husband, and we have not been to Sci-Fi or 50’s in years. Because of their great theming, I thought it may be fun for my friend.
Last meal at 50’s was not good…Campbell’s Soup, bad sandwich.
What is everyones thoughts on the two restaurants??[/SIZE]


sci fi is a much better place in my opinion


I have to disagree…I ate at 50’s for lunch and had the best fried chicken…a compliment on fried chicken is worth a lot coming from a southerner trust me!
I also loved the themeing etc…etc… We went there for lunch and we ate so much we had to go home and take a nap! :laugh:
Sci-Fi to me was just OK. I LOVED the atmosphere!! It’s awesome to sit in the old cars and watch the movies–however–I felt a little gypped. When you walk in you think…this is really a burgers and fries or fancy sandwich kind of atmosphere but they have food like Steak and Shrimp Penne Pasta…to me the food really didn’t fit the building and the food was just OK.
I have heard that Sci-Fi’s lunch options are a little better though.


Has SciFi improved its menu. We’ve always avoided it due to bad reviews.

50’s atmosphere was fun; the food was bad. I don’t think we ever plan to go back.


50’s has never done a blessed thing for me.
Cavey is right, Sci-Fi has upgraded it’s menu, especially dinner in the past few years and I’d choose Sci-Fi first.


I haven’t been to either in a long time…

but neither were exactly terrific. OK, but not memorable.


I like the Sci Fi. I ate at the 50’s last October and was not impressed. I just love the hamburgers at Sci Fi, plus you get to see bits of those cheesy old movies.


We love 50’s Prime Time. The fried chicken and fried boursin cheese are simple, but delicious. Sci-fi was so-so the two times I was there; I have no desire to go back anytime soon.

I wish both would lengthen their entertainment reels, however; I always end up watching the same clips during dessert as I watched during my appetizer! (Maybe I should talk to my companions more? ;-))


Wow, Sci Fi has better food? Tasting is believing so I’ll have to wait. Anyway, Sci Fi should be downgraded to CS. It’s not a real TS.


The time (2001) we ate at Sci-Fi, we were seated so long that I did see about half of the clip reel twice.
I’ve got a similar complaint about the cartoon loop they run in the hotel lobbies and in the deluxe resort rooms. They need to totally change the thing. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen Steamboat Willie during a one week vacation!


50’s is better in my opinion! The last two times we have been to Sci-fi the service has been terrible


Havnt been to either but were booking ADRs for 50’s in August! Will be interesting to see how it turns out based on the reviews!


I like 50’s food a little bit better. If you want the interaction from CM’s, then 50’s is a better choice. If you want to just sit down and reminisce about watching the old horror and sci-fi movies from childhood and be able to have a conversation while doing so, then Sci-fi would be better. Neither one is going to amaze you with the menus, you just need to determine which will fit your personal needs more.


I had a bad experience at the Primetime diner last time I went, but I would give it another try as I’ve usually really enjoyed it.


This would be a toss-up for us. We love both places.


We love both of them. Sci-Fi has, in my opinion, the best burger hands down. 50’s is also great, I had the meatloaf and Brenda had the roast beef I believe. We would go to both of them anytime. I just wish you could get the Fantasmic dinner package at both of them. I do not care for Hollywood & Vine and Mama’s is OK but not for every trip!


We were not fond of 50’s Prime time. the food was o.k., but the atmosphere was not to our liking. we do not like being disturbed while eating, which was a constant. Sci-Fi is a tradition for us for lunch. The film clip should be updated, as we know the clips by heart, but the atmosphere is cool, and brings us back to the days if drive in theaters. The food is o.k. Our only complaint is that ti is hard to read the menu and the check in the car with the lighting.


If your friend has never been to Sci-Fi that would be my choice since it is so unique.
I love the food there and haven’t herd as many bad reviews as of late.


I am so glad you asked this question because I have been going back and forth with the two of them myself. I have never been to either one.


Thanks for everyones thoughts…PLEASE keep them coming…I’m still undecided!