Scooter use in the parks


I have a few questions regarding using a scooter in the parks and on the buses. My dad broke his heal last October and is still having a very difficult time walking. There is no way he will be able to navigate the parks without help, so we are planning on renting a scooter from Apple Scooters. I thought I read somewhere that documentation was needed in order to use scooters and use the handicap accessible ride entrances and such. Can anyone point me to a webpage where that information is available? Or does anyone know what we need to provide for the parks for my dad? Also, any advice on how to navigate the park in a scooter would be appreciated!

Thanks for your help!


I’m not sure about required ‘documentation’. When My FIL was down, we rented one and he just went along in line as part of our group. I believe has a section for people w/disabilites. and i’m sure the WDW site does.

But it is not an issue.


[QUOTE=jen9804;1074509]Also, any advice on how to navigate the park in a scooter would be appreciated!

“If it’s in your way, run it down” seems to be the rule that scooter operators in Disney parks operate under.
Also, “What’s behind me is of no concern”.

(This has been your laugh of the day)

I’m sure the person who needs the scooter will already have some sort of handicapped parking permit and it should be marked on that person’s driver’s license. If there is a requirement, I’m sure that should suffice.
Also, if you’re really worried, see if your physician will write you a note.


My Mom requires a scooter due to severe arthritus. And no, she does not run people down. You do not have to have any documentation at all. She goes with us in all lines, with the exception of when a cast member tells us we are to utilize a special entryway (the Epcot ball comes to mind). They can be a little tricky going during busy times as many people just walk right in front of you, thus having to be prepared to stop on a dime. So, sometimes there will be stress because many people who are not in a position of needing one just don’t understand the limitations. But, go with the flow. Your Dad will pick up the ins and outs very quickly. Also, the bus drivers (with the exception of one) have always been wonderful to deal with loading and unloading. Feel free to pm me if you have any specific questions.


The scooter will extend his park time for sure. It’s just those who have NO CLUE that a scooter does not mean they can run anyone over as needed. :laugh: We have all been victims at one time or another. I actually fell onto someone when they ran up my back. The driver was not to impressed when I stayed seated on the handlebars and asked for a ride to the front gate.

Also remember to bring a cane or lightweight crutches with you if he wishes to stand in line wth you all. Having something to take the pressure off of his heel will extend his time even more when he parked his ‘ride’.


We are getting my grandma a scooter for our august trip and we got it from a company we saw on the bus when we were there in februrary they were really nice and it will be delivered to the hotel and picked up from our hotel. I was always told that we have to get her handicapped paperwork from guest services at the begining of each park.


Like Soundgod said (thank you for the giggle.), I think the handicap parking pass or even a note from the doctor is fine. I don’t really think WDW will question it to be honest with you, but I believe in being prepared for any all all possible situations as to not experience a not so magical moment.