Scooters at the parks


There will be at least two members of our group of 10 (maybe 3) that are going to need scooters. Is there enough space on the busses for these? It has been awhile since we have been there so I am asking ahead of time. Thanks.


There is enough space for three on one bus. BUT if there is a have a scooter or two ahead of you, you need to decide wait for another bus or split up the group.


Please remember to rent your scooter from an approved WDW rental place. As far as I know there are currently 5 companies that you can rent from. Advantage of renting from the approved list is they can drop them off and pick them up at the resort, and if it was to break down at the park they can bring you a new one and pick the old one up right at the park.


That’s a really important tip. I thought you were going to say “it’s cheaper to rent off site”. I never thought how to deal with a broken scooter.


The last stay we had a scooter that had some issues and they had a new one to us the next day.