Scottish.Mickeys "Wishing I was onsite" TR


Welcome to my first ever trip report:phone:, not sure why but I feel weirdly excited and nervous about doing this :blink:, but I’ll get on with it and strt to write it out. Also, I don’t have many pictures due to the bad memory card I have :pinch:.

Cast List
Me -Scottish.Mickey- :mickey:
DD -Dad- :pirate:
DSM -Step Mom- :minnie:
DS - Sister-:tinkerbell:

Day 1 - Travelling
I woke up with a gulp in my throat realising after waiting so long for this trip it was here. Our flight was at 3:45 so we planned on getting a taxi to the Airport at 11:45, we checked in which is always a pleasure, after getting rid of the cases I feel I don’t need to worry :redface:

We whiped through secuirty and through to the departure lounge, we were early so DS and I went over to the arcade and had a shot at the games(including the dance-mat where I made a fool of myself:pinch:). Time was going by quickly, I put another coin in the ‘Mario Kart’ machine which was quite addictive :whistling. While I was over taking Luigi (:laugh:) DD ran over to me worried, telling me how it was last call for the flight to Philidelphia (we were flying from Glasgow to Philidelphia, then from Philidelphia to Orlando) grabbing our hand luggage we sprinted to the gate where we noticed there was a rather large que waiting to board:glare:.

The flight was 7hr and 30mins, it went by considerably fast, even though to movies where pathetic, Chocolat and then a bunch of shorts which included an old game show from the 80’s :blink: .

We arrived at Philidelphia and everything was going just fine, our Orlando flight was at 8:30 so we had time to spare, we strolled the shops and got a bite to eat, when arriving at the gate we noticed it had teh Orlando flight sqeduled to take off at 10:30 :huh:, that can’t be right I thaught, we went over checked with the lady that was standing by the gate, she informed us that the flight was delayed 2 hours:pinch: I couldn’t believe it. Everything was going to plan.:frown:

We decided to stroll around the shops again, which wasn’t as interesting:closedeye , it was nearing 10 and we headed back to our gate where and anouncement was being made,“The aircraft that is due to take off to orlando is in the middle of maintanince and will be ready by 10:50” It was getting better and better, I knew it wasn’t going to make the 10:50 slot they promised, I was correct we didn’t board until 11. We arrived in Orlando at 1:15, after taking the shuttle, collecting bagage, travelling to the hotel and finaly checking in we didn’t get to sleep until 3:20. :glare:

:wacko: It was a long and very tiring day, after the long flights and the delays and what not but finaly we made it to Orlando:happy:

Day 2 The Magic Kingdom Coming soon


Good start! I can’t wait to hear the rest!


Hey Scottish Mickey, I am glad you’re writing a trip report. Now where’s the rest of it? :laugh:


Sorry Dopey, I ment to press the preview button but pressed the Post new thread button, :eek:
:blush: The first day is complete now though :laugh:


That’s quite alright. Just don’t make us wait too long, ya hear!? :pirate:


Day 2 - The Magic Kingdom Part 1

After getting to sleep at 3, DS woke up at 5. Yes 5am! :eek: I was shocked, at around 5:45 we all just decided to wake up and go for our showers. :glare: We wanted to arrive at the Magic Kingdom before or straight after the opening ceramony. We grabbed a horrible lunch at the hotel:blow: (didn’t do that again) then jumped in a cab to the Magic Kingdom:happy: We got to the Ticket and Transportation centre and waited for a ferry. Seeing the castle in the distance was amazing.:blush: I hadn’t seen that beautiful castle in 8 years:redface:

We went through bag checking and moved quickly up to the ticket boths. After just recieving our tickets (at the T&T centre) they had been demagnetised:angry: the CM that was at our booth just looked at us and said gruntly, I’ll be back in 5. She walked realy slowly untill we couldn’t see her. She took more than 5 minutes, that’s for sure:glare: After about 10 minutes she waddled back and handed our tickets back. They worked fine:closedeye Thankfully.

Entering Main Street was magical, everything looked so sureal and clean, I know, don’t ask:huh: . Everything just seemed to gleem. We were close to the castle when we heard some familiar music. It was the Trolley Parade :happy: I realy love that little peice of magic :laugh: After watching the Trolley Parade we took a left and headed for the Haunted Mansion, we practicly walked on:cool: This was a first for me, as on my last visit I was too young.:blush: I realy enjoyed it, I was petrified during the stretching room sequence, the CM that we had tapped a handfull of people on the shoulder during the blackout which caused a scream:laugh: After the HM, we strolled into fantasy land were we rode, It’s a small world, Peter Pans flight and experienced Mickeys Philarmagic which was a blast. :laugh:

After the joy of Fantasyland we visited Toon Town. I realy wanted to meet Mickey, no one understood me to be honest, why would a teenage boy wish to meet a Mouse? Well I will let the Mousebuzzers in with a secret of mine, When I was young I had a phobia of all characters, it started of just being a little scared of them but as I grew older my phobia grew bigger, I started having panic attacks when seeing them and would get myself into a state. So this trip I wanted to meet Mickey because it would be my first every time meeting him. We went to the judjes tent. I was realy nervous and to admit a little scared. The CM took us to the room where Mickey was and to our suprise Minnie was with him too:happy: The que got shorter and shorter and before I knew it I was with the Mouse:blush: It was a simply magical experience, he took time with me (he obviously knew how excited I was) I told Mickey and Minnie how I was going to work for them and I also told them how long I have waited for this moment. They were both realy kind a sweet. It was a moment I will never forget. :crying:

Part 2 coming soon


Awww, cute pic with Mickey & Minnie!


That is so very sweet! :heart: I am glad this turned out to be a positive experience for you.


Awww, what a great first day.

Say, what hotel did you stay in?


What a fantastic picture! I :heart: Mickey too! Glad you got over your phobia! :happy: Keep it coming now . . . :happy:


Awe! I love the picture of you and Mickey and Minnie! So cute!! I can’t wait to read more.


Scottish Mickey this TR is terrific! can’t wait to read some more-so get writing please!!!


I am loving the trip report so far. I’m glad you had a good time with the characters. I cant wait to read more.


can’t wait to hear more…


I’m loving your TR!! Can’t wait to read more!


Day 2 - The Magic Kingdom : Part 2
After meeting the mouse we hopped on a train where we traveled to Frontierland and grabbed some fastpasses for Splash Mountain then continued to grab a bite to eat. We rode Splash Mountain to then find out it was raining :pinch: No worries, we thaught as we looked for ponchos. We couldn’t find them anywhere! We hunted the whole of Frotierland then finaly got our ponchos on Main Street :blush:

We were all starting to get a little haizy and grumpy, we walked into Adventureland and stood their, dead. :blink: No one knew what we were doing, suddenly a friendly CM sweeping the streets came up and woke us up :laugh: He asked if we were ok and if we were lost. He then recomened Pirates for us! :pirate: So we waddled over to Pirates and waited in a 40 minute que. We were all stunned by the effects. It felt as if we were actualy outside! The sky was unbelieveably realistic.:ohmy:

We made our way over to Tommorowland were we went into the Laugh Floor. We weren’t inpressed:huh: Maybe it was because we were tired. We rode Stitches Great Escape and WOW:eek: That woke us up! :laugh: Up next was Space Mountain. After a trip to stars I asked what time it was, 2:20? Lets go to Main Street for the Parade:happy:

I loved it :blush: After watching the parade we went back into Tommorowland where we waited about 40 minutes for Buzzlight Year, it was very exciting! To infinity and beyond!

We decidded enough was enough, We lasted very long considering we got less than 3 hours sleep.:mellow: We walked slowly to teh castle, I noticed the times board for Dream Along with Mickey, the next show time was only in 10 minutes after some persuiding and begging we waited :phone:

Finaly the beautiful music started and the characters took to the stage and told us to join their party! :happy: Suddenly during the show fireworks went off and a large voice over anounced that the show will not continue. :ohmy: :angry: :glare:
We strolled down Main Street, it was an end of a long yet wonderful day.


OMG what great parade pictures!

Keep ‘em comin’!



Day 3 and 4 are both non Disney days,:glare:
If I was the one who had planned this trip it would have been, oh soooo diffrent:ph34r: Anyway:laugh:

Day 3 - Universal :pinch: :crying:
Ok guys before I start I want to announce that this was not my choice:huh: Since we were coming from afar the Family wanted to do Universal too.:blow: I don’t want to go into detail about day 3, but I have got to addmit I was pretty impressed with the new Simpsons Ride! :ohmy: Yeah, It was good.:blush: Sorry guys:closedeye


[COLOR=“RoyalBlue”]Day 4 - Relaxation and chaos![/COLOR]
Today we started with Breakfast at a restraunt near our hotel. Then relaxed and had fun at the pool:happy:
Later in the afternoon we planned to go to The Prime Outlets, but when we got a cab, the driver told us that the Premium Outlets were better, :huh: Us being nothing but tourists agreed and we went to The Premium Outlets. Spents some money, ate and went to a Sports bar later we found out the Cab driver only wanted us to go to the Premium outlets because it was a bigger fare:mad: Not happy!

Next day, Epcot and Magic Kingdom :pirate:


Great TR so far. Keep it coming