Scrapbookers? Convention?


I’m so excited to be heading to the Scrapbookers 11th annual convention at Disney. Just wondering if anyone else on here was as well?
I didn’t think I would be attending this year but my wonderful Mom made it possible. So now I’ll be there. Even more exciting my DD may come as well if a friend can swing it and bring her DD to sit the girls and hang out by the pool until we’re done or take time away.
So who else is going?
PM me if you want info because I’m not sure I can post it on the thread or not. So out of touch.


I enjoy scrapbooking but have never been to a convention. I did get caught up at the same hotel as a scrapbookers convention last fall, though. Whoa! Talk about crazy times. It looked like they were having a blast!!


When is the scrapbook convention I would love to go!


I would like information!


I didn’t even know they had scrapbook conventions!! That’s awesome! Scrapbooking and Disney - two of my favorite things!! :wub:

I’d like to know when it is too! The only place I’ve heard of that holds conventions is Coronado Springs - is that where this one is?


Okay, let’s see how I can answer everyones inquiry’s:
Allirella-We had a GREAT time last year which was my first convention. Mickey even came to take pics with us! They have massage therepists who come and give us massages in the chairs, then they had reflexology girls in there too. It was so nice and only a small fee. Hopefully my friend will be coming along with us to watch my DD and will give us ours.
Jennatrz- This year is Aug 27th-Aug 30th. We fly a day early and leave a few days later to enjoy Disney.
and Princess Jill-Those are my two favorite things too! Well, I love stampin’ too. I didn’t think I was going to be able to go and when DH gave me full permission, he knew just how happy he was making me.
Twins1023 & anyone else interested- check out this site for the actual convention info:
if you need to log in first then just go to the main page and register:

If anyone come then let me know, we can all plan a little meet & greet.