Scrapbooking stuff


I keep saying I’m going to scrapbook - but never do it! This trip, I am definitely doing it!! I still have all my stuff from last trip (menus, park guides, etc) & hope to do one for that trip as well.

look what I found today - aren’t they cute?!

Print and Create Your Own Scrapbook With Mickey and Friends | Entertainment | Disney

just thought I’d share!!:wub:


Those are cute! I just started scrapbooking myself and really like having fun creating different pages-reminds me of my days as a high school yearbook editor-cropping photos, desiging pages, etc!


Thank you for sharing this. I am going to try to complete (complete is the key word here) a scrapbook after our December trip to WDW. :blush: :blush:


Thanks for the link. I have scrapbooked all of our trips so far… excluding this June’s WDW trip. Haven’t gotten to it yet.


We don’t scrapbook, but we do keep all kinds of “flat” things (ticket stubs, meus, coasters, maps, time guides, boarding passes, etc) anytime we fly, travel or go somewhere.

We go to Bed, Bath and Beyond and buy a boat load of those black 8X10 picture frames (about $4.00 each - and this way all of the items look the same), mount all of those things in the frames, and hang them in the stairwell going from our main floor to the second floor. It is a neat little conversation piece.

Growing up, my dad ALWAYS ate popcorn from the parks. While walking around, my sister and I would hear, “hey boys and girls, guess what time it is? It’s pop corn time.” Well, when we took my father and sister and brother in law with us in September 2006, we took dad’s pop corn box, folded it flat, and that too is on our wall.

All we have are memories, but this lets those memories be more tangible.

Just a thought.


ooh - I love that idea 577! I may do that too - especially in the girls play room!! thanks!


That would be especially good for kids to use. Not quite as overwhelming as separate borders, stickers, paper, and cutouts.

I have an entire book on Disney scrapbooking. I got it on sale when a local scrapbooking store was closing. It has tons of great ideas. I’ll at least look up the name, but I think there was a website, too.


Scrapbooking Disney is so much fun, they have so many nice things to use. I scrapbooked all of my disney vacations and they are so much fun to look back on, plus in between trips they bring back all kinds of good memories.


okay… It’s called “The Big Idea Book of Disney Memories” and is by Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Magazine.

Creating Keepsakes magazine summer photography scrapbooking ideas tips for creative memorable page layouts


thanks Victoria - i’ll have to check out that site!