Scratching my head


Why does Disney offer rooms with 2 double beds but then charges you for having more than 2 people in it? Its $15/pp. I mean logic would serve to say you can fit 4 people in that particular room whether you want to or not is your choice.

What does this $15/pp cover.

I was looking at maybe booking 1 night at the Wilderness in a basic no frill room which is listed as $259. When I called on it the room came back priced at $320!? It defies logic to me.

It rates up there with 10 hot dogs but only getting 8 buns in a package. WHY!?


Ld, I think you answered your own question. Why? So they get more $$
We opt for the King vs the 2 dbls. so ther’s no chance of extra people in the room.


I understand the business of it but shouldn’t the charges be justified. I mean the bed is already there! Are we being charged for the additional air being inhaled and exhaled which will certainly need to be processed somewhere?

I mean could the not treat like a mini-bar and seal the bed in plastic and if you break the seal you are charged for using this bed.

Just plain silly.


It makes absolutely no sense, just like the hot dogs and buns thing - that’s been driving me crazy for years. Fortunately most supermarkets now sell buns loose…anyway, yes, it is ridiculous, four places to sleep should mean four breathing individuals in the room at a set rate. But, I don’t think anyone’s going to win this one.


LOL about the 10 hot dogs, 8 buns line!

Silly, yes. Common, sure is. And the $15 really doesn’t cover anything. Not that you want to hear it, but $15 is cheap compared to other vacation destinations. In Vegas or Hawaii $30+ is common for more than 2 adults in a room–the extra ‘resort fees’ in Hawaii can kill your budget. It’s getting out of hand, but they have us where they want us.

So, will you do it anyway? :smile:


That is SO odd - crazy!

Thanks for giving me something else to obssess about, Dad. Thanks alot.


My parents had a reservation for themselves at Pt Orleans Riverside. Last minute, my sister and her husband decided to join them. Unfortunately, there werent rooms available. The lady at the front desk said she would enter them as “juniors” in the room rather then 4 adults. Thus, no charge for “juniors” but $15 pp for 2 extra adults. Mind you, the check-in lady offered this…it was not requested.


Wait a minute… Am I miss understanding? I thought they only charged you the extra $15 if you actually have another person in the room, right?


Along these lines … If my sister stops down while we are at the SSR, what happens if I pull out the sofa bed and she spends a night or two? Alarms? SWAT dudes?


I know I know. We have 2 rooms split between 4 adults for our trip BUT when we were going to squeeze in one extra day and share a room the alarms were triggered. I’m sure its possible to cheat the system but because they had everything right in front of them at Disney Reservations I was screwed.

The whole premise is absurd!

Disney won out and milked us of more money as we were able to get 2 mod rooms for the price of one shared deluxe.


In 2000 for my birthday,my mother and I stayed at the All-Stars for the night. My aunt joined us. We just didn’t tell them about the extra person and thus saved the $10 charge(that’s what it was at the time).We are not extra-magic hours people,so it didn’t affect us not being able to go to the parks 1 hour earlier.


Yeah, that is really curious Laneysdad!!!


Wow, laneysdad, you’ve asked one of the world’s most burning questions, right up there with “why do men have nipples?” and “did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?”


Ornamentation, and No. :laugh:

I guess it must cost Disney $15 to wash those sheets on the extra bed… Ya think? :rolleyes:

I agree with you, it’s just another terrible way to suck more cash out of folks…


To my knowledge, every hotel’s rates are based on double occupancy. They generally have two beds because one is for the adults and one is for the kids (or juniors). The majority of the time it is a family that makes reservations, rather than four adults. Not to say that it doesn’t happen, of course, but rates are based like that because generally two adults are the norm.

Here are some of my speculations:

  1. Hotels, like any other business, is in business to make money. They also need to protect themselves a little bit. I have literally seen 7 people walk out of a room at a Holiday Inn once. They were all looking around hoping that nobody saw them. Obviously one person made a reservation and then had all his friends and family sneak in.

  2. Housekeeping: The more people in a room, the more mess they will make. I know that housekeeping is on a set wage, but it still takes longer to clean a really messy room.

  3. Products and linen: The more people in a room, the more products (shampoo, soap, etc.) have to be replaced. Also, the more towels and linen are used, and have to be replaced.

Like daisyd said, it’s still a LOT cheaper than booking two rooms ($15.00-$30.00 compared to another room charge).

I don’t believe that Disney is attempting to “milk” anybody out of extra dollars in the amount of $15.00/person.


Lots of good effort to rationalize it but it still makes no sense.



If you are using DVC points I dont think so but it is a good question. :mickey:


Some one above said. Disney is a business, business exist to make money, one way to make money is to charge extra for additional adults in a room. That is the reason.

As another mentioned this is not just limited to Disney, other hotels (usually in resort areas) do this.


Well, that’s standard in the industry and the towels that need to be replaced every day cost money.
But, when we stayed at POR, we got the room at a discount ($85.00 per night) and were not charged for our two boys. So, just because it’s printed somewhere, might not mean that they actually charge you (I think) :sleep:


I know why disney does it…but I am not telling :tongue: