Screever's weekend-of-awesome TR


…to be written as soon as I get a second off from catching up on schoolwork! :ohmy:

Just for starters, though…

-I did Gran Fiesta Tour for the first time!
-Pleasant weather!!
-Low lines!!
-Surprise ticket-a-majig!
-Free food!!
-My friend had a wonderful time, and that was my goal. :heart:

Cast: Me, ‘A’, and pops for one night only.

I promise I’ll write a fully complete TR for once. :laugh:


Welcome back! I look foward to your TR


Cool! Another TR!

Bummer that the schoolwork stuff has to interfere with a Mousebuzz TR, though . . . :ph34r:

Hurry back! :happy:


Ooooh my goodness, I am on a huge Disney high right now! This trip was the hardest to leave from in a very long time. I don’t have a ton of pictures to show (I always hold back on the camera when I go with a friend, haha) but I’ll update as much as I can while my watercolor dries.


‘A’ (blah, easier to call her Anne :laugh:) picked me up from scripting class around 1:30pm and we were off; from Savannah to Orlando, and we only stopped for gas. Little bit of traffic in downtown Orlando, and we passed probably 22 cop cars along the way. :ohmy: I didn’t know Thursday afternoon was a high traffic day for I-95…

We were running a little late, but got to the DTD Hilton a little before 7, met my pops in the lobby (he was already there for business trip) and we hurried over to Portobello’s for the reservation he made. I had never eaten here before, neither had Anne, it was wonderful!! We definitely took advantage of his financial generosity and didn’t skimp on the meal prices! :laugh:

Pops also gave us (or me…?) an envelope full of Disney dollars! About $40 total. I hadn’t had a Disney dollar to call my own EVER, I think! A nice, unexpected gift; I split it in half with Anne when we got back to the hotel.

We waltzed through Marketplace a bit, then parted ways with pops (he’s an early sleeper) and lingered by the caricature stand to watch them work (we’re both art students, can you blame us? :laugh: ) Then to bed!


We missed the free breakfast on the 9th floor of the hotel, but we carried on anyway! Anne drove me into Cast property where we picked up my seasonal badge, then we stopped into property control and browsed. Not much there of interest this time, or am I just getting more frugal and wise as I age??

Headed back to Marketplace, browsing shops and getting some Earl of Sandwish sustenance. Once again, I bought nothing. :huh: Now that I’m home I’m starting to regret that, but I bet once I’m paying rent, I won’t regret it at all!

Returned to Portobello’s for dinner (pizza, mushroom, and fine grape juice) and we each drew a caricature of the goofiest bartender back there. I swear he could have been the Mad Hatter in another life! We also–without asking–got the phone number of our server from Thursday night; he noticed our return and kept stopping by to chat, then finally gave us his digits. :huh: Nice guy but uh. He’s brave, I’ll give him that!

I know, boring stuff. Big long day of Saturday to come, with a few good pictures!


Hey Screever, not boring at all- I’m enjoying it and want to know more please!


Sounds good so far!


Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!


I love it so far Screever, I’m totally ready for more and some pictures!! :biggrin: Hurry back!


Cool TR. We need some pics


Yes, pics please! Dying to know about the ticket-a-majig!


Boring??? Um, no. It isn’t!! Hurry back . . . and bring pictures with you.:happy:


Great start, can wait for the rest. Pics please.


Call him!!! :laugh:


Alright alright, I’ll see what I can do! :laugh:

Let’s see…

One picture from Friday (shopping/browsing day)…

The lego people got an upgrade!

Saturday: Park day!

Got up around 7ish am, got some breakfast, then caught the bus and got to Epcot a few minutes after nine! Upon getting Anne her ticket via my Main Gate pass, she looked down and realized it was a park hopper. :ohmy: That was our surprise ticketamajig! She was thrilled, and had MK at the back of her mind for the rest of the day.

Got a fast pass for Soarin, and did Spaceship Earth. I liked the changes they made, and the touch screen at the very end was an excellent way to pass the time; ours was SO funny. :laugh: Interesting new stuff they have at the end of the ride as well; I recall that having been closed for a while. Virtual shuffel board? What WAS this? :laugh:

On to The Seas (the Nemo ride was down, so we went in the exit and just did Turtle Talk.) Then back to ride Soarin, then on to Journey into Imagination (alot of this trip was a flashback for Anne; she wanted to check up on the changes with Figment!) Then on to Test Track with our fast passes, and the Universe of Energy. (I hadn’t done it in 15 or so years, not since Ellen took over, but it was cute, and I’m so happy they kept the dinosaurs!)

We stopped in the butterfly garden tent, too. The butterflies were hard to catch on camera, so I got these awesome caterpillars. They were ALL OVER the bushes. Very hungry caterpillars, yum yum.

Thats all I got for now; I’d rather fall behind on my TR than my art, which is going to be graded. (Yeah, I didn’t take many pictures, sorry!)


What, no! :laugh: I think my friend took it, it was on a little peice of paper, and none of us were interested; she prolly threw it out. :mellow: I’m a Practical Patty, and yes, sometimes it gets in the way of boys, but as far as I’m concerned he’s just another shmo, sorry. :laugh:


Yeah… it’s no good, now. Might have been for some local fun… :laugh:


Saturday continued: Here we goooo…

After covering most of the FutureWorld side… (we skipped Mission Space; time constraints, though I was willing to wait if Anne wanted to ride it) …we headed to our lunch reservation at The Garden Grill. They made us wait 20 minutes, which was weird considering we made a reservation :huh: but we got our food really fast, and we were out in about an hour. The food was delish, and the characters were cute and polite as always. (Though still not as good as Spring Break last year :laugh: with the “Napkin of Smack”!)

Funny character story though…I was watching the kids that were waiting outside the restaurant to eat, when Anne got my attention and pointed to Mickey, who had been standing there for Lord knows how long! I rambled off a goofy apology and said “I’m brainless sometimes!” …and Mickey stands back and puts his hands over his mouth, and points at his chest very meekly and sadly. He thought I called HIM brainless! I kindly corrected him and he was on his merry way. Just goes to show that no matter how strong that plastic smile is on the characters, a little acting can go a long way. I felt SO BAD at his “look”. :crying:

We truly marveled at the short wait times for the rides at Epcot. The longest we saw was 45, and the longest we waited without a fast pass was 20 minutes!

Coca-cola testing time with Anne. The Beverly is serious business!

Token “cheap attraction photo” that I always take, though the darn flash got in the way!

Pluto with Anne @ lunch

Pluto with me at lunch!

Sigh…back to work.


I am so glad you guys were having a blast!

PS. I think you should take a picture of the art you are working on and post that. I wanna see!


Weeeell I don’t have any of it scanned yet, but I can link you to my stand-by portfolio to hold you off! You guys have probably seen half of it anyway, but… :blush:

Don’t blame me, blame jk8! :laugh:


You are so adorable!! :heart:

I was shocked as I peered over EPCOT on the monorail that there was NO one there!!! Crazy, huH!?

I’m glad you had no lines.