Sea World at Christmas


I haven’t been to Sea World in almost 18 years. We’re going for 2 days prior to our WDW vacation beginning. Do the do anything at xmas?


We were just there with our GS troop. I’m not sure you’ll need two days, unless one if for Aquatica?

We got to the park at 9am (Check the map and plan so you can see all the shows) and we were done, seen it all by park closing at 8pm!

The kids enjoyed it 'specially the dolphin touch tank. Me, I’m spoiled by the way Disney does things . . . so I was missing Disney ALL DAY! :laugh::laugh:

Not sure about what they do at Xmas . . . I’m sure someone here will fill you in!

I did just find this listing with all the HOLIDAY SHOWS . . . looks great!

SeaWorld Christmas - Christmas in Orlando


I adore Seaworld, we spent 2 or 3 days there in June and had a blast, if you pace yourself you can easily fill the day with shows and rides plus all the exhibits they have, we had a ton of fun here. Not too sure about the xmas celebrations but I know Halloween was pretty fun there a few years back!


I don’t know about Christmas, but we love Sea World - it’s a nice break from the hectic WDW parks. And it’s so beautifully landscaped. Don’t miss the Clyde & Seymour Show - totally corny, but funny. All the shows are scheduled to run into one another, so it’s pretty well organized. They’ve added a lot of restaurants along the Harbour Front and the food is very good - actually all Anhauser-Busch parks have excellent food. (we personally think it’s a notch up from WDW). Try a piece of the chocolate layer cake.:wub:


I second that! I think the food is way better than the Disney parks- and Sea World is such a lovely park, a little calmer than the Disney parks but the setting is beautiful and there is always a nice relaxed ambience about the place.
We find it’s not that big though and can be easily done in a day so do pace yourselves-never been at holiday times though but I am sure its very good.


Sea World at Christmas is really pretty and fun! I would def. reccomend it! I totally agree about the food too! It IS better! I hope it doesnt change now that Anhauser-Busch has been sold!


Thanks for the input! You’ve got great stuff about the food…where should we eat at sea world?


There was a Sea World in Ohio for many many years. My sister lived about 20 minutes away, so we would go every year. Even seeing the same shows over and over - they usually changed them every 2-3 years, it was still great! I agree, less paced than DW, more relaxing, but a great day.


We were there in December 2003. Aside from a few decorations and a choir singing Christmas carols in the evening, there wasn’t anything spectacular. As it was, we were done seeing everything long before the evening choir and took our exhausted kids back to the hotel.

I’ve been to Sea World twice. It’s a great park, but WDW tends to spoil other locals with the extra magic they put into everything.


We went to SeaWorld last year on Dec. 23. There was a huge decorated tree and some holiday decorations but nothing really spectcular. I was kind of disappointed in the park this time around. The shamu show was really scaled down from what I had remembered several years earlier. As for the food, my husband got food poisoning from his chicken strips meal and ended up getting sick.


We went to the Dining With Shamu buffet last time and it was great. The food was very good and had many selections. We’ve also eaten at the Shark exhibit - I can’t remember the name of the restaurant - but it’s quite upscale - and pretty expensive. I don’t think we’d eat there again, but it was very cool to eat with the sharks swimming by. There is a brick-oven pizza restaurant on the Harbour Front (again, I don’t remember the names of the restaurants:pinch:) and it was good too. There’s also a bbq place that’s very popular. I don’t really like bbq, so it wasn’t my favourite. They have a very good selection of salads. And, as I said, I’m in love with the chocolate layer cake - it’s the only dessert I won’t “share”. As for food poisoning - well, that can happen anywhere. I got food poisoning at WDW once, so it’s just one of those things that can happen anywhere there are vasts amounts of food being serve.

Sea World might not be as “visually” stimulating as the WDW, but we like it for that reason. It’s laid back. Relaxing.


Keep an eye on this site for upcoming details…

SeaWorld Christmas - Christmas in Orlando


this is a good thread for me this week!
I am trying like heck to find a good coupon code to use for our tickets to SW. I found this one site that has codes- and one of them gave me $51 for adults and $41 for kids AND a 2 dollar donation to the Ronald McDonald house-- so far that is the cheapest I could find…

I would LOVE to see something else decorated so nicely for the holidays. It just makes me happY!!! We want to do some kind of dining there so I am still reading and taking that stuff all in!


any other dining suggestions???