Sea World Dinner Shows


Has anyone every tried the Sea World Dinner Shows. We are thinking of trying one. I think we are leaning toward the Dine with Shamu.
Just looking for thoughts or opinions. Thanks!


We did the indoor “luau” type show - don’t recall the name - last year. Have nothing to compare it to, but thought it was good. Performers very good, show entertaining, food not bad. Not a must-repeat; we’d want to try something different for a change of pace for our next trip - but certainly glad we did it.


Never heard of it


Thanks for the input!


We have done the Dine with Shamu about 5 years ago. DD was about 7 at the time, and her goal in life was to become a killer whale trainer. It was a good show, very informative, and up close. You don’t get to touch the whales, but you do get to ask questions of the trainers, and it is very neat to be so ‘intimate’ with such majestic creatures. The food wasn’t very good, but not terrible. Very good show, especially if someone has a special interest in the whales or marine biology.


My DD is 8 and very into marine animals. We went on cruise and did the string rays and dolphin encounters and she really liked those. Since we will be at Seaworld we would like to try it. Thanks for the good information. :slight_smile:


We are booking this for our trip coming up. I’ll post my revue after we go.


Great Thanks! Looking forward to your review!


hi- I didn’t know we discussed this kind of thing here…
I am looking into this right now.
I saw Breakfast with ELMO!!! Are there really Sesame Street Characters all over Sea World now? OMG that will make our 2 year old so happy!!!

I need to do dinner on the day we go to SW so I was considering a nice meal there… are any of them better than the others? Does anyone know???