Sea World


I am thinking about spending a day at Sea World B 4 we arrive at WDW next year. Can anyone tell me how many days I shall allow for SW. I was thinking only one??? What shall I do??


We were done with SW (actually getting bored with it) after 6 hours.


Seaworld can be done in one day. It will be one of the most fascinating and educational days of your life as well as getting a little theme park ride buzz thrown in. Not sure how anybody could get bored with it to be honest.


We are planning a visit t SW this trip. You can probably do all that you want in a day.


I agree ~ one day is enough for Sea World…


I was thinking I would probally get tired of it as well but thats the only way DH will agree to go to WDW… I think he is tired of WDW by oh well he can stay home with the dog!!! LOL…:laugh:


I LOVE SeaWorld. And yes, it can be done in one day. I’ve always stayed the entire day though - from opening to closing.


:laugh: If you don’t enjoy Seaworld I don’t think it is because the park is boring


I don’t think anyone said they didn’t like it. They said you can do it all in one day.


Apologies if I misunderstood Caveys comment.


He didn’t say he didn’t like it.


I was totally one of those “diehard” we must only go to Disney parks people, but now that I live here and have more time to enjoy everything I decided to give it a go and I LOVED it! I upgraded my day pass to an annual and have been back twice since! There are so many cool things to do! Shamu just had a new baby (I was there that day!!) and it is super cute! Journey to Atlantis is veerry fun and the “Undersea” resturant is GREAT! If you are in for adult fun, you can go to “Beer Tasting” and its FREE! I would say one day is enough, but as I’ve said before, I have not done it with small children-which I know makes a big difference! Also, I know right now, the park has been closing at 5 or 6 which is pretty early!


Both SW & BG in Tampa are worth a visit. Both have some really good coasters if you are into that sort of thing. I’ve seen fish so we mainly hit the rides. Day works well for both.


you could bang it out in a day (and that is taking your time…)


This is what we found best works… if you have a day where you want to go somewhere but take it slow… go to SeaWorld. Fast-paced, like Disney Parks, will get everything done in about 5 hours. If you do ride, exhibit, eat, ride, exhibit, break, ride, exhibit, eat, and take it a lot slower, you’ll finish in about 7 hours.

Just make sure to go on line for Kraken or Atlantis around 2-3 to beat the smell of hot fish.


Sea World is a lovely park but I would go with one day is ample to see and do almost everything.


Great park and the Believe show is not one to be missed. Definitely can be done in one day.


Thats cool that it closes that early becuase I told my DH I wanna get the heck outta there and go check into pop that night:closedeye


Sea World is well worth a day trip. The education and exhibits are great, and the rides are enough to keep you going.


I definitely think you should go for a day. There are a couple of rides and some good shows.

The fish are nice to look at but I always make time for my favorite attraction at SW and BG…The Hospitality House.
You can get free beer to sample. Great on a HOT day.
Hope you like Anheiser Busch products.