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My son loves fish, whales etc. When we go to WDW we are looking to squeeze in one day at Sea World. I have done research on and have all the general informaiton I need but I have been looking for any kind of web site that is like MB. You know, honest information from real people and I can’t seem to find one.

My question…

Can anyone give me info on any of the following…

  1. Sea World in general (attractions, going with a 4 yo, etc)
  2. Backstage at Believe
  3. Any web site that would help me

Thanks everyone.

Lisa :mickey:


OK while still searching for an answer I was given a link to this page via google!!!

Help Please!!!


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Well, I have never visited Sea World with a four year old, but if your son really likes fish, whales, dolphins…etc. I’m sure he will love the shows and exhibits! Not sure that the attractions(rides) will be for him though. Two of the rides are roller coasters. I think they have the Sky Cabin(?) there…which anyone can enjoy. Can’t remember if it is only at Sea World San Diego though. But the interaction with the animals…feeding dolphin or seals/sea lions would probably be fun for him:happy:

I didn’t do the Backstage at Believe tour so I can’t help ya there…sorry:(


There’s sub-forums over at the Dis.

(sorry if I’m not supposed to link it)

We went a couple of years ago. The first day we went, we didn’t really like it. We did however, get the “bounce back” they were offering added to our ticket. Went back a second day, later in the day. Everyone seemed to be leaving. It was GREAT. We had a fantastic time!!! The shows are fantastic. Try to catch as many as you can (all if possible!) The Pet’s Ahoy one, as well as the Sea Lion show would be great for a 4 year old. Cute and funny! Shamu of course is fantastic.

The first day was when we did the rides, and didn’t really enjoy it. I wished we just did the shows on day 1!!

When you get there, look at the guide map. See what time they are letting guests feed the dolphins. Be sure to show up early, and get in line. They do sell out of the fish. That was a big hit with our group.

Have fun!


I went with my kids a few years ago. They liked it and I seem to recall that there was enough to keep all of them entertained. I liked the beer pavillion and the show. I would recommend looking into seeing if they offer the multiple visit pass for just a few more dollars than the regular day pass. That way you could hit Seaworld for part of the day and Disney for the other part.
I know the kids really liked the Shamu show at night. That would be worth going back for in the evening, if you have a car.


Thanks for the ideas everyone. I really appreciate it!



On our recent trip we did one day at SeaWorld and it was awesome (I am almost to our SeaWorld day on my TR…check back in a few days). We arrived at the park as soon as it opened and left at around 4pm…feeling like we had done plenty. Everyone really enjoyed it (including my 3 1/2 year old and 16 month old). DH and I loved it because we were able to grab a beer on our way to the Believe show:blush:

There is a GREAT Kiddie area with LOTS to do (mini coasters and rides, HUGE playground area, splash areas, etc…). We spent a good 2 hours here. Avery (my 3 1/2 year old, will still say that her favorite thing the entire trip was the coasters & rides at SeaWorld)

Highlights were:

  1. feeding the Dolphins (you have to check the times and stand in line for your tray(s) of fish)…this was the biggest highlight. The kids just couldn’t believe they were touching and feeding dolphins. Here are a couple of pictures:

  2. Believe (shamu show…it was wonderful)

  3. They have a new dolphin/ bird show that I saw for the first time that was pretty good.

  4. Sea Lion show was cute

We didn’t do quite a few things, but did all of the things that we came to do. I think Sea World is a great place for a 4 year old.


One more thing I thought I would add. If we hadn’t done SeaWorld it would have been fine too, but we did really enjoy. Next time I think I might skip SeaWorld and do it another time…just because I really could have used just one more Disney day.


Lisa -
Sara and I went a few years ago and will be heading back there again this august. We loved it there. Both being super animal lovers, this was a nirvana of sorts for us…lol We did the Backstage Adverturer’s tour. It was ideal to see and do everything at sea world without wait. Worth every penny in my opinion. Unfortunately, there were many exhibits that were not on the tour that we missed. We are heading back in August to catch all of them. Having done the rides they offer, we are going to skip them and just check out the animals. The animal feeding spots are a must do…I can’t tell you how amazing it is to pet and feed a dolphin…almost brings tears to your eyes. Sara got to pet a penguin and that was a huge deal for us as well. Penguins have been her favorite animal for many years. It’s definately worth the time and money to do at least once while at WDW. I can’t wait to got back there in August. I love WDW, but when you go every single year, it’s nice to mix it up just a touch and throw in a non-disney activity.


I have several pictures if that will help.

Sea World


We’re lucky enough to have a SeaWorld about 2 hours from us. We took the kids alot when the kids were little. We even had season passes for a few years. We started taking them when they were 2 years old and they’ve always loved it. Plenty to do and see and participate in and stay busy. A 4 year old can learn SO much!! We’d love to go back, but the kids are 13 now and their schedules keep us so busy! If you have the time and don’t mind giving up a day of Disney, I know you and your 4yo will have a great time!


Hi Lisa

We went with a 4 year old last year she loved the Shamu play area and coaster but her best up close and personal was the Dinning with Shamu, Sure it costs but the trainers come round and talk to you and you get your own little show be ready with the camera.

the night time shows are fantastic.


We love going to Sea World when In Orlando! We usually only spend a day there, get there for opening and hit the first performance of each show (very do-able), the shows are amazing, and the air-con is usually a blessing! The rides are great, thought not for the youngsters and if your wanting to ride them hit them as early in the morning as you can, less wait time (and for Kraken queue for normal seats it moves twice as fast as the front row queue!)
Definatly worth a visit if you ask me, its a nice, slow-paced day away from the bustle of disney


Thank you everyone for your imput. I love the pictures suite disney.

I have decided to include it in the initial presentation to my DH. I will know sometime next week what the DH wants to do!

Thanks a bunch everyone!



I went with some friends who took a their son and he loved it. It’s a great place. I’d highly recommend it.


I have been to Sea World with my 4 kids, then ages 3, 5, 9, 12 and had a great time. The kids loved the " Believe" and Shamo shows, however a friend of mine told me another good time to go is in Oct. around Halloween as they have gentle characters and fun to be had. She actually said that was the best time they had while visiting Sea World and they go 2 times a year (they are season pass holders).


Here’s a video of Christmas at Sea World Orlando:

YouTube - Christmas at Sea World Orlando