Sea World


I just saw the commercial for the $5 kids admission when you buy an adult ticket!!! We have never been to Sea World in Orlando and was wondering if it is something that we can do in one day. My kids are 7 and 9-any thoughts are appreciated!!:mickey:


I have been there once and am going back in August. You can do a good amount of the park in one day. It’s definately worth the trip over there in my opinion. You may not get all of the shows in, but you can definately see all the exhibits. I would do the rides first thing if you intend to do them however. they had some serious lines when I went there in October. I actually splurged on the pass that gets you to the front of the line ( can’t think of the name of it)…$15 per person, but worth it if you are only spending one single day and wont’ be going back any time soon.


we went in march and didn’t get to do a lot but we were lugging around 2 little ones and had to do krakken and manta 2 times lol! we didn’t really push it either since we got the fun card so we have the entire year to go back when we want. it’s definitely a fun place. i enjoyed it!


Its always a place we visit every year. It’s a beautiful park with many interesting things to do and see. Food there is particularly good too. I would think your kids would really enjoy it there.


When we went last We got both our DD pearls from the divers but not that bad for the price. both got nice pearls also. what a wonderful thing.


We went this last Feb, and we enjoyed it. You won’t get in all the shows but you will get in most of the parks, I would do the rides first.


Sea World is part that can be done in one day but I would recommend managing your time carefully if you intend on catching a lot of the shows. It’s a beautiful park and I think your kids would love it the attractions and exhibits.


Did you notice if there was a code for the $5 promotion? I was just on the website and didn’t see it. Thanks!!


That is the reason why we are considering going this trip!!! Can’t beat that deal!! Plus the tickets are cheaper thru AAA and they have the $5 tickets also!!


Sea World is a very good place to have a visit and if you do have children then its gonna be an absolutely unforgettable experience for them. I have been there a couple of time along with my friends but I don’t know about the legitimacy of the commercial you are talking about. But rest assured, even if you do have to pay some extra buck, the place is completely worth for the amount you spent for the happiness of your kids.