Sea World's Aquatica


I would like opinions on Sea World’s water park. We are at Disneyworld in March and Blizzard Beach is closed for refurb. We would do Typhoon Lagoon (my fav), but thought something different might be neat.

DS are 15 and 12 and DD is 8. DS 12 loves the thrill water rides, the faster the bigger the better.



We wanted to go there last year but never did. It looks cool. I would like to hear some reviews also.


I haven’t been personally, but I have friends that have and thought it was superb.


Been there and I loved it, so did my girls. Even my youngest (not even a year at the time) seemed to have a great time. My oldest is asking to go back. We went on Halloween and it was not crowded at all.
I haven’t been to the Disney water parks but Ive been to a lot of other random ones (raging waters and the like) and Aquatica was a lot better than any of the others Ive been to.


I haven’t been either but a friend of mine loved it too.


I’ve never been, but one of my friends has been a lot. She says she likes it better than Disney…:pinch: I don’t know how ANYONE could like another “amusement park” over Disney!:crying:


We have been several times, and really like it. They have a bunch of different areas with different things to do. Their lazy river goes pretty fast, my kids loved it! they give you life jackets to wear if you want while you are on it, even if you are a real good swimmer, it allows you to just flow along.


We have been and really liked it. There is a laid back pace and there are slides for every age group. Besides the water rides, there are a few animals to be seen. They had a decent meal plan that was pay once and eat as much as you care to all day. I think you will enjoy it.


thank you all. . .boys really really like the water parks. Just thought it might be something different. Though, staying within disney has its transportation perks (pina coladas at the bar :blush:)


DS2 went there and loved it. (Of course he loved that fact that it was part of his Busch Gardens annual pass and didn’t cost him anything even more!)