Seafood allergies


How careful are they when it comes to serving people with specific food allergies, especially seafood?

My daughter would really like to eat at the Coral Reef (and enjoy that diver experience!), but she has a seafood allergy and I am worried about cross-contamination! It would be such a wonderful place to eat, but I don’t want to end up in the Emergency room…


I would ask when you call to book the diver. All Disney restaurants are very accomodating!


I agree: talking with someone at the restaurant both when making the ADR and when you arrive will ensure her safety. They take food allergies very seriously.
(you know at the very least they don’t want to be sued!)


Disney does take food alleriges really seriously. So, you’re in luck there. When you go to make the reservations I’d ask as Nicolemm said. I’d say a good chunk of the time when we do parties of 8-12 they always ask if anyone has food allergies before they seat us. The only thing that may worry me in that situation is Coral Reef is predominately a seafood restaurant. So, non-seafood may come into slight contact with seafood. But as I said and as ddoll said, Disney does take food allergies very seriously. I don’t think it’d be a huge concern. But if she’s really allergic, I don’t think I’d take her to a restaurant with predominate seafood menu. So, feel that one out for yourself and I’d definitely make some fone calls.


Well when I just went last week I told them I needed a Gluten Free Diet. And the servers are VERY careful!!! They would not let me have that crispy thing in my salad at CR and at Ohana’s they would not leave the bread basket until chef came to talk to me!!!
The chef comes to talk to you at the start of every meal and lets you know what you can have and what you can’t!
Iam not allergic to gluten just have trouble digesting it, but they take no chances!!


i know they’re usually very good about accommodating people with food allergies. however, like one poster said, you’re dealing with a primarily seafood restaurant. i don’t know that i would necessarily take the chance. better to be safe than sorry. i have allergies to lactose and sulfites, so i know what it’s like to have to be careful. and sometimes what you think is silly and couldn’t possibly be a problem, ends up being a problem. i was drinking welch’s concorde grape juice every day for a while and then decided, hey let me start drinking the welch’s white grape juice for a change. well i drank it for quite a few weeks, during that time i was breaking out in rashes, getting migraines etc etc. i never put 2 and 2 together. especially since i dilute everything i drink w/ 50% water. but one day i grabbed the bottle of welch’s to see if the white grape juice was supposed to be “heart healthy” like the purple and in doing so ended up seeing the ingredients w/ a note beside it that said “this product contains sulfites”. wonderful, that explains alot, who would have thought? now the purple doesn’t have it, but the white does to help maintain color and clarity. anyway, moral of my story is please be careful because the last place on earth that you want any loved ones to get sick is at WDW!!!


I think it may be a mistake to take your child to CR, if she has a severe reaction at all. The chance of there being cross contamination would be higher in a restaurant that predominately serves seafood. Plus, if you guys are eating seafood at the same table as your child is, there is also a potential to cross contaminate there. I would rather skip a restaurant, than run the risk of having your child get sick, possibly seriously sick, while on vacation.


Thank you all for your kind advice… I know what is right and I do not want to appear to be the irresponsible parent.

I am just so torn! I do not want to end up in the ER - NOT a great way to spend any vacation.

However, she is so looking forward to eating there… And this is probably our last venture to Disney for a while… So, do I give in, with Epi-Pen in hand, hoping the Chefs will take care in preparing our food – or disappoint her?

Boy, is it hard to be the parent on this one! I want my Mommy! :noo: