Seafood question


In your opinion, which restaurant on Disney property at disney world, serves the BEST fresh seafood? What did you like at that restaurant?


Fulton’s Crab House is by far the best on property and has the most comprehensive menu of seafood, bar none.
However, it can be expensive and it doesn’t participate in the Disney Dining Plan.
Case in point, they have stone crab claws from the day the season opens on October 15 and continue to have them until about a week after the season ends on April 15.


I can chime in on the Disney DDP restaurants. We just got back a couple weeks ago and although I wouldn’t say any restaurant would be a hands down winner in my opinion, I did have some really great seafood dishes I would recommend. I ate mostly fish this last trip and these are the ones I really enjoyed.

Flying Fish - Potato wrapped Red Snapper was very good

Brown Derby - Grouper was a wonderful surprise and I would certainly order it again

California Grill - The best meal of the trip!:heart: Sushi was very fresh and the Malibu Roll, Spicy Kazan and Tuna 3 ways are the winners here. Some of the BEST scallops we have EVER had were order during this last trip.

Nacroossee’s at the Grand Floridian - The whole lobster was very good, certainly not the best I’ve ever had, but good.

Kona Cafe - Ahi Tuna Oscar is consistently good every time we order it. Sushi is hit and miss,

Ragland Road - Its not Bleedin Chowder is a great tasty dish filled with different types of seafood and will certainly satisfy and craving for fish. And besides, as a bonus you can order Ger’s Bread & Butter Pudding…OMG:wub:

I love seafood and will order it 9/10 times over beef when we are out. I really need to try Fulton’s because I hear many good things about it. We are always on the DDP so I never have had the opportunity yet, but its on my list!


We love Flying Fish. It’s such a beautiful restaurant. Everything we’ve ordered has been tasty - the crab cakes were very good. The salmon was cooked perfectly.


We had a wonderful dinner at Flying Fish several years ago, everything was delicious.


ummmm, Flying Fish at the Boardwalk is stupendous! That you can have on the DDP - Fultons is great but not on the plan. Enjoy!


Flying Fish on the Boardwalk has an extensive list.
It is very, very good.
Blue Zoo in the Dolphin would rank up there too. I like their seafood a bit better than Flying Fish and they have an extensive menu.

But, Brown Derby is my favorite. It doesn’t have the choices of Blue Zoo or Flying Fish.



One of our favorites is Cape May’s Clam Bake at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. Last summer they added crab legs to the all-you-can-eat buffet which includes steamed clams, mussels, boiled shrimp and some type of fish. If you are looking for seafood and want a variety this is a good place to try.


>>One of our favorites is Cape May’s Clam Bake at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. Last summer they added crab legs<<

Is that an every nite item now???
We haven’t been in a few years, but that would get me back.