Seas Aqua Tour?


Has anybody done this? The Dive Quest you have to be certified diver but not so with this tour. I’ve used SCUBA before but not certified - yet.

It sounds like you have an air tank and regulator like scuba but instead of BCD you have a float vest that makes it impossible to dive more than a few feet more like in a pool.

I would like to do this but I’m not sure I want to spend the money to float on the surface for 30 minutes.


I did this last year. You get a tour of the whole facility, see the holding tanks and working areas. At the end is the swim. It is a self contained breathing system and yes, the vests prevent you from sinking. I enjoyed the experience but would not do it again. It is not bad - in fact, I recommend it if you can. Te turtles alone were worth the time.


I’m working on scuba certification but just need to find the time to finish it. Sounds like the full dive would be much better. I’ve got until Friday morning to decide to take this tour or cancel and wait until the next trip and do the full dive.


It is still out of the ordinary for a Disney trip. How many times can you do Test Track, Mission Space, and Soarin’?
I’d even think about doing the aqua tour this trip and the ful dive next trip. They are going to be different experiences. Or you could try Dolphins in Depth and then dive next trip.


Thanks for the advice Boss & Sound.

Did the tour and other than them telling me to be there at 11:45 and they didn’t come for us until 12:20, it was a pretty cool time.

There are some pretty darn big fish in that tank! Can’t wait to finish the dive certification and do the full dive quest.