Seasonal Florida Pass


Has anyone exchanged their paper ticket for a new hard ticket for admission?
I am a 6 month Florida Pass holder and a few questions if I might.
Do I have to have my family with me for each ticket exchange or can I take their ID for each with me and just me get them?
Do they fingerprint the new ticket holder at the relations window or at first use like before?
Or did you get by without an ID?


I don’t recall the exact procedure. We did our exchange last December and both my wife and I went through the line. We were fingertagged when we had our new passes and we did our exchange inside Epcot. I’m going to say we both had to present ID and I also recall full family units doing their exchange all at once.

ID - yes
Each passholder must exchange his pass - yes
Fingertag - yes


Soundgod is correct they have to be present.


One thing I did recall after I posted was that they have a test station at the end of the line so all can make sure that the new pass works properly.


I have changed my AP over and it’s quick and easy. Your family must be present to change their’s over as far as I know.