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Hey guys. My Mom is considering getting Seasonal passes for our upcoming trip in May. Since I don’t but WDW tix, I didn’t have a lot of info to offer her. What’s y’alls feelings on them, pros and cons, and where can I find some good info on them on the net? Thanks in advance for the help.



Now, you know has great info - she has the ticket prices broken down.

Is your mom a FL resident? Are you talking about the Seasonal Annual Pass?


Dew, before buying a seasonal pass you would really need to sit down with the “usable dates” and “blackout dates” and figure out exactly when you may use them in the future to see if it would be worth it. If she plans on making another WDW trip during a possible “black out” period for them I’d say it might not be worth it.


Hey HogBreath - I don’t know if it’ll help, but I asked about the SP a few weeks ago. Here’s the thread. Not sure if it has any other info you could use.


She’s not a FL resident. Is the Seasonal pass only for FL residents?


The Seasonal Pass (w/ the black out dates) is only for FL residents. ANYONE can purchase an ANNUAL pass which is good 365 days a year!


We talked about the blackout dates. I know it’s through most the summer and the couple weeks around Christmas and New Years… They would more than likely only use the tix twice, but it would be less than buying park hoppers for 2 seperate trips. And since we almost always go to WDW in the “off season” the blackouts really shouldn’t be a problem.


Ok, well that’s just LAME! The AP is WAY more expensive… Stupid rules… :angry:

But thanks for the info Allyson…


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Here is Disney’s AP Info Site:


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Seriously Dewey, did she make a decision yet? If she’s not FL Res, then the AP would seem to benefit her more than just basic tickets.