Seasonal Pass Question


Just found out the seasonal pass black-out periods for next year.

March 27-April 9, 2010
June 12-Aug 19th
Dec 18-Jan 1

Disney castmember was able to give me the info. Just thought I would post it. I needed the info in order to help decide if I will be renewing. Dont think we will be. My son’s school’s schedule doesnt work with the dates for next year. The last two years we were lucky and it did.


Ok, I want to tack this on to this string please…can somebody tell me how the AP works when you buy it… does your one year start from that date or do you have one year from the first time you use it at the gate?

the reason is we are planning a Oct. trip and then in the Spring 10, we have our fixed week use at a off site timeshare to use and will most likely be back there at that time. And then I was planning on trying to talk the DW into another late Oct. 10 trip to Disney. So I was thinking about AP for the four of us and wanted to know when I had to buy them or if I could buy them one at a time up till Oct. to be easier on the pocket and get three trips out of it to Disney.

Thank you all for your help on it…

Also, I was unaware of black out dates for being a Passholder?


Only the Season Pass has blockout dates.

I know if you buy the annual passes from a Disney store- you actually get a voucher that you redeem at the ticket counter once at WDW. The date you redeem it is the day your 1 year starts. I would suggest buying the vouchers from the Disney Store so you can buy one at a time and then activate them all at once.


That is the smartest suggestion! Every time I find a good deal, when you add on the cost of the tickets in one lump sum, kind of sets you back. If I start now, all my passes will be paid for in full by the time we all have vacation time available again.


Now I’m thinking again!!! When you purchase the annual pass at the Disney Store. Are they universal in that it doesn’t get assigned to a family member’s name until you activate them? Or, do you put the pass in each persons name at the time of purchase?