Seasonal Pass renewal


Greetings and salutations folks. This is my first post here as I am reconnecting with my Disney side and am ecstatic to find out about this site.

I signed myself and my wife for the seasonal passes a few months ago and even though I still have until March to renew, I am curious as to whether WDW offers a discount for renewing and if so, how much of a discount?

Thanks in advance



Welcome to mouse buzz. I have no clue about the season passes, but wanted to welcome you to our little home here at mousebuzz. I know Erin, one of our lovely members, is a season pass holder. She will be able to help with this. If she doesn’t see this, try pming her. Again, welcome!


Thank you Dana!


Hey, King!!

(Thanks Dana, I think you’re lovely, too!!)

YES! You get a discount! It’s like 20-30 dollars off to renew! :happy:

I hope that helps!

Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World has a complete price list of tickets!


THanks very much Erin! That helps and makes it more enticing to renew in March


Welcome King!! So glad to see a fellow Miamian here!!!


Current price of Florida residents seasonal pass is $215. and renewals are $189. Of course, these prices will be up {as usual} by the time yours come up for renewal.:frown:


That seasonal pass is STILL SOOO Much cheaper than a regular!

Oh, and check this little bonus out - because of me having to order everyone a one day ticket for the free dining in september - I am using that towards my renewal…

so… 189 minus 63 dollars!! 126 dollars to renew! I rock!


my dad and i just renewal our passes couple weeks ago and our family have until November 2007.


I love my Seasonal pass. But, we JUST might upgrade to a regular…we are going through serious withdrawals.


As much as I would like to upgrade, the DW and I are looking for a shoebox to live in as well as work on having a lil Mickey or Minnie. For now, I will be happy or make do with the seasonal pass


Jeany what ended up being your discount???


because my mom called the passes hotline and My dad and i renewed our passes because our save our money.


Same. Well, we aren’t looking for a shoebox, we own one.

The Seasonal pass really did work out perfectly for more reasons then just saving money.

-It’s too hot right now to really enjoy it (I know lots of MBers go and love it, but for me it’s too hot, and I am a big baby about the extreme heat)

-Crowds. I have a seasonal pass, and go lots when it’s not crowded. For that, I am thankful.

-We have a condo (time-share) that we can use the grounds of anytime we want, so we like to go over there and use the big pool, etc./fun stuff they have in the summer.

So…really the seasonal passes make the most SENSE for us, too…we are just going through a withdrawal right now :sad:


EEEEEEKKKKKKK!!! I just saw the renewal prices; paid $215 plus tax in March and the new rate is $237.50 for Florida residents with renewals coming in at $207.

I guess it will be worth it, but geez if they are going to be raising prices like this a couple times a year, my plans for doing the SP thing once we have a lil King or 2 maybe cancelled.

At least when we have a baby, the first few years will be free :pinch:


Ugh, I know…we have two we gotta pay for, and another one who is still free, and I will be milking that for as long as I can :wink:


hi- ? for you----- what is this seasonal pass? why have I never heard of it before… and do you HAVE to be a Florida resident to get it? Wow… thanks!


It’s for Florida residents - it has some blackout times.


ugh- my chiropractor got them- cause they never go on the back out dates anyway- i think his sister lives there and goes with them- I guess you NEED the person to be there when you go back, huh?


When you renew a season pass, do you have to show ID again? I was just wondering if you renewed online how they would know if you were still a FL resident.