Seasons & rates


I was wondering why the seasons (value vs regular, in particular) would be different at different resorts. I was looking at dates in June and July, and I find that the moderates and deluxes have different seasons. Why is that?:huh:


This is what I’ve always thought about that. I think the different types of resorts attract different types of people at different times. The values are going to attract a lot of families in the summer and the deluxes are going to attract a lot of people w/o kids when the kiddos are in school. Fall is a busy time at the deluxe resorts near Epcot because of the Food and Wine Festival.


Glad I am not the only one. I was thinking the same thing. I am trying to convince my dh that we could stay at the Poly in July for that reason. :slight_smile:


November always seems to be “high season” at POR :pinch:


I think the value seasons are longer at the deluxes because they fill up slowest and also the profit margins are greater for them, so part of the summer and much of the fall are value for them. All of the resorts shift back to regular season during part of October, during the PGA tournament.


Limsy, it’s a very scientific process… WDW investigates when there is no way I can travel with my family during the upcoming year, and they set it up as VALUE season at the Mods! LOL!!! :laugh: I know it sounds silly, but it feels like that sometimes.


You know I have never thought of it that way. We have always loved staying at POFQ but the last time we stayed at ASMovies. It was nice but I did miss the POFQ.


Ah ha!! Its all a big conspiracy, isn’t it??:happy:


I was pleasantly surprised when I went to book our June trip and the Contemporary was still at value season. Works for me!


Woohoo!! The Contemporary you say?? Very nice indeed.:happy:


Do you still get the rate of your first day for the entire stay even if the season changes while you’re there? I know that used to be the case, but when i was checking prices online it gave me a different price for my second through fourth nights. Only the first night was value priced. Did this policy change?


It must have changed, because our reservation for this coming Saturday and Sunday nights is a different price than Monday night. (It’s itemized on our reservation).


That is new for 2008. If you search this site, you will find comments about it. I remember reading about it when the 2008 rates were posted. If you are split between seasons you pay different each night instead of paying the rate for the first night you booked.

As far as the original question, I think what everyone else is saying is reasonable, different hotels attract different populations.


As Princess Fan says, this is the new policy in effect after Jan 1.
I got stung the other way. Booking for Dec 31-Jan 2, they were charging full holiday rate for Jan 1 instead of value season and a passholder rate unless I booked as two one day reservations, and had to pay the full amount up front as a result as a deposit (one day minimum, per stay-two one day stays= full amount deposit).
I avoided this problem in 2005/6 because we split between OKW and CBR. Last year we stayed at Swan, and they run their premium season into January unlike the Disney resorts who go value on 1/1.


I thought our days were all on one reservation for our December trip but I don’t think they were. I booked our stay then called later to apply a passholder rate to the first 3 nights. I couldn’t get the AP rate for the last 2 nights bacause it was Christmas Eve and Christmas day. During our trip I went to Guest Service to put some extra cash toward our room charges and the CM was really having trouble with our account. She even called someone to try to figure it out. At some point I told her we had an AP rate for our first 3 nights but not the last 2 and that clued her in on the problem, we had 2 reservations she said. I didn’t know it and didn’t have to check in again but because of the 2 different rates we had to have 2 reservations.


I had express check in and check out, so all I needed to do on the second day was just sign the day’s paper authorizing credit and any charges to the room.