When I am at WDW, I am generally traveling with just my husband. When we go to the fun, crazy restaurants, like Whispering Canyon or O’Hana’s we tend to get seated towards the quiet, back corner. I assume they do this because we are just 2 adults, and assume we would prefer this. But, I really like all the craziness of these restaurants, and want to atleast be able to see the action. I’ve decided, next trip, to request seating in ‘the action’ at the restaurant podiums…hopefully this will help…
any input??
Are tables for 2 not available in thes areas??
I love watching the coconut races and hula contests at O’Hana’s and like to see the action at Whispering Canyon as well…last meal at Whispering Canyon, we cound’t see any of it, just hear it.


Hmmm - you’re right. The tables for two always do seem tucked away in corners. I guess you could ask them for a table more in the centre of the action - but they can probably do only so much with the seating arrangements. Good luck.


We would gladly swap tables with you. We have been seated in the ‘action area’ many times, and we prefer the quiet areas. Hence we avoid Whispering Canyon on many trips and 50’s Prime Time because we do like it quiet. Just ask, you will get it. We have had our tables moved to more quiet areas.


See, I prefer the quiet area also. I love to watch, but I also like to relax and enjoy my meal.


I might give Whispering Canyon a whirl next trip, but I certainly want to be back in a corner observing!