SeaWorld raises prices . . . will WDW be far behind?


SeaWorld Orlando announced it will raise its one-day ticket prices from $57.95 to $61.95 (plus tax) beginning January 2, fueling speculation that Orlando’s two other major theme parks – WDW and Universal Orlando – will follow suit. Disney and Universal raised their single-day admissions to $59.75 in December 2004. SeaWorld matched that price in January 2005.

Not surprisingly, spokesmen for both Disney and Universal declined to comment on ticket prices.

SeaWorld, though, is adding extra value to its ticket by allowing visitors to exchange them for a pass that will allow them to return to the park as many times as they want for the next six days. Florida residents get an even better deal: Their single-day admission will allow them to revisit the park throughout the year, with no blackout dates. The same offers apply to SeaWorld’s sister park, Busch Gardens in Tampa, which is also raising prices January 2.


So in effect,Florida residents will get an AP for the price of a one-day ticket?? Cool!!!


Sea World has the highest ticket prices already of any theme park in the US, I believe. The ability to come back anytime during the next 6 days makes it an attractive value, but most people would not spend more than 2 days at sea world. You can really see it all in one day, two days if you go at a really slow pace. The FL resident deal is an excellent one, however.


That’s a signifigant price hike. Good thing they added more value to it or they would have priced themselves right out of reach of some visitors.

Personally, we’d find it difficult to use that many day’s admission at Seaworld. With older kids, there’s just not that much to hold my kids’ attention.


Too bad… we have never been to sea World, and I was going to give it a try in February!


Well SeaWorld certainly is worth it. Those animals are particularly expensive upkeep and their park remains so beautiful.

Anyway… it’s about that time of year again. Universal may jump before year end, but it seems Disney usually waits til Jan. or Feb. to change.


Maybe I just haven’t had enough coffee this morning… but is that for real? A single day pass will apply for a year? :huh: Can anyone help clarify this?


Again? Sheesh. They are killing us with these ticket prices. they are making it hard for a family to enjoy a day at a theme park without taking out a home loan. WDW won’t be far behind…it’s coming. Hopefully I am able to grab my tickets before it happens :ninja:


I agree. WDW will probably raise theirs also. When they know that people will still pay extra to visit Sea World, then they’ll know it’s OK to raise theirs. Same for Universal. Never ending. :nonono2:

If someone hears about WDW raising their prices, post it. That way those of us going next year can buy in advance. :pinch:


Yeah what she said. I definately want to grab a few, if not all of the passes I will need for my October trip before that happens. I will have to see how blessed I am at tax time to determine that factor…lol cmon tax man…hook me up!


Indeed, it’s for real. :wink: SeaWorld calls it a Fun Card, and it’s only for Florida residents. If you buy a single adult admission for $61.95, it’s good for unlimited general admission from January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006. There’s also a similar package that includes both SeaWorld and Busch Gardens. That ticket is $119.95 for unlimited admission to both parks for a year. Children’s tickets also are available. Check out the Fun Card item on the SeaWorld Web site.


Gosh, is it just me, or doesn’t it seem like WDW recently raised their prices? I am pretty sure they did when they added Magic you way. It is like $60 for 1 day at WDW. Then, they more days you go, the less it costs. Right?


Good thing we all have friends in Florida!


WDW raised its prices in December 2004 to $59.75 plus tax.