I am planning a 10 day trip and was wondering if anyone has taken a day to go to Seaworld? Is it worth it and how is the transportation between WDW and Seaworld? Any help would be great.


There is no complimentary transportation between WDW and SeaWorld - you would have to take a cab or a car service, if you don’t have a rental car. I really don’t know how far apart the two are - maybe two or three miles…

That being said, Seaworld is a wonderful park. We try to visit at least every second trip. It’s much more laid back than WDW - the grounds are gorgeous! All the exhibits are terrific. The Shamu Show and Dolphin show are professional and entertaining.

And they have the best chocolate cake in the world! The whole world - not just WDW!:happy:


It is a very nice park, with great shows.


Sea World, mostly live animal shows and aquarium type displays.
(They’ve got penguins and manatees)
Some rides including two world class roller coasters, each the only one of its kind in Florida and some of the biggest in the US (Kraken - B&M floorless twister coaster 149 feet tall, 7 inversions)(Manta - B&M flying coaster 140 feet tall (the tallest flying coaster east of the Rockies, 4 inversions).
Plenty for the kids to do and see.
As has been posted, unless you’ve got a car, you’re going to need a taxi (not sure if you want to do Orlando bus transportation!) as you’re pretty much on your own if you’re a guest at any of the 4 Central Florida parks (WDW, Universal, Sea World, Busch Gardens) and want to get to one of the others.
All of the Orlando parks (and BG in Tampa) are worth spending time and money if that is your desire. There is also Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island and also the Fantasy of Flight aviation museum in Polk City, as well as the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa (almost around the corner from Busch Gardens).


I have taken a day to go to Sea World and am actually doing that again this up coming August trip. I am booking a towncar simply for the ease of it and me being able to say when I want to go back rather than wait for a group to go back or wait for a cab etc.


Seen it once, enough.


We love a day at Seaworld too. The park has such a nice ambience, it’s easy to get around and do almost everything in three quarters of a day. Dare I say also that the food outlets there, on the whole, outshine Disney. Very easy to get to from WDW, either by cab or car.
Well worth a trip if you’ve never been.


We have, and we actually prefer SeaWorld to AK. In fact when we do our week long trips, we usually swap out AK for SeaWorld. We always rent a car so transportation isn’t an issue. The few rides they have there we just love, and the shows are great.


Sea World is one of my favortie parks, but I’m very partial to marine animals!


Thanks everyone for the information.


My fiance and I went December of 2008, and bought tickets off of the Seaworld official website, which also gives you one day free, but needs to be used within 7 days of your initial visit.
We LOVED it!
The shows are amazing.
Clyde & Seymour and Believe with Shamu are NOT to be missed!! We also fed the dolphins…it was a GREAT day. If it were me, I would go .
Have a great time!!!


Seaworld is GREAT! You can even organize car rental from your resort for the day if you need and have the car delivered. We haven’t been in a few years but we have always had a great time at Sea World.


Clyde & Seymour!!![/QUOTE]

:laugh: Gotta love the Clyde and Seymour Show. And the Scurvy Pirate.:laugh: Sometimes it’s just so wonderful to laugh, just for the sake of laughing.


VERY true.
I also cried though…tears of happiness. I am SUCH a sap!! :laugh:


Maybe, maybe not.
In April of last year, SeaWorld opened “Manta” Florida’s only flying coaster and the east coast’s only non Superman Ultimate Flight flying coaster.
Between Kraken, Manta, and Atlantis, SeaWorld now has a decent collection of thrill rides to go along with the Shamu and dolphin shows and the other sea life exhibits.
However, if you’ve been to SeaWorld since May, yes, then that would be enough to hold you for a couple of years before returning.


We’re not coaster people - when the girls were younger they did Kraakon - and we save Journey to Atlantis to the very end, because you literally get soaked - sometimes I pass it by completely. Sea World isn’t a “rides” park to us. We love feeding the stingrays and sea lions (gotta watch out for the birds), and just observing all the sea life. We also love the corny little Pets on Parade Show - and that Seaworld is helping SPCA by giving abandoned or stray pets a good home. The grounds are so beautiful, it’s just nice to stroll around and enjoy the scenery. And the food is really a notch or two above WDW.

It’s a good park.


Does anyone know if sw has meal vouchers like US?


Is Seaworld a 1 day park?


Yes. If you get the guide and follow it along, the shows kind of flow into one another and you can see them all by early afternoon, then you have time for the rides and just viewing the exhibits.


You guys have definitely convinced me we have 2 days w/o WDW tickets so we are going to Sea World. I’m assuming the best deal for tickets is to buy them online??