Second guessing AKL stay


As some of you know…we reserved a room at AKL for December 1st weekend. We got the AP rate of $134 plus tax a night. We know this is a really good rate. We wanted WL but there werent any standard rooms available. We were looking forward to a stay at a deluxe resort. I priced Contemporary but the best I could do would be $215 a night. Too much for us with DS’s birthday the following weekend and Christmas behind that.

My concern is the distance from AKL to the parks. How long a bus ride is it ? 20-25 minutes? Is it a further bus ride then from POR to MK? On the map it looked almost the same distance from MK as POR is but I could be wrong. We just didnt want to feel isolated from the parks and DTD.


AKL is right on top of Animal Kingdom and very close to the water parks.

It’s about the same distance to MK as all the other non-MK resorts. (roughly 25-30 minutes)

MGM is about 10-15 minutes, DTD and Epcot are about 20.

I don’t think you’ll feel isolated at all.


I’d say stay at AKL…that rate is EXCELLENT and the hotel is awesome! I too, love the WL, but for that rate at the AKL I would be estatic! I didn’t feel like it was any further to the parks than any other resort.


Zactly what Merlin said…You’ll be fine. I haven’t stayed there, but I stayed at CSR, and it looks isolated on the map, but isn’t at all once you get there…

You’ll see :c)



You have a fantastic rate! I really don’t think you will regret it. The crowds are going to be light, and you will truly love the AKL. No doubt about it!


that is a great rate for a deluxe hotel. you will not regret it.


I have stayed there twice this year, loved every minute of it. I actually thought the buses were much better than at the WL. I never had to wait more than about 5 minutes in the morning for my bus, they were never full last year at the Caribbean Beach, and it didn’t take too long to go anywhere.

You will love it, you got a great rate, now just hope for an updgrade at check in!


Thank you for all the input. I feel better about having booked AKL and am really looking forward to it. Now I just have to try and get it prepaid by November so I wont have to worry about it.


i am glad you are feelign better about staying there. i have never stayed there, but i have heard nothing but raving reviews about it.


You will love AKL…and I guarantee you won’t feel “isolated”. The AKL has great transportation to/from the parks, just as efficient as other resorts. We have never stayed there (but it’s near the top of my list!), but we have visited and used the transportation multiple times. Top-notch! And the resort still feels like it’s right in the middle of the Magic.

And at $134…:whistling…I’d be sad if you passed that up! :sad: :wink:


Your concerns are unwarranted. What you lose in time driving to the parks you will gain by not sharing a bus with another resort. It evens out. I have stayed there twice and haven’t had not one issue with their trasnportation. Matter-of-fact, I find their bus service to be superior to any other resort I have stayed at.


AKL is an amazing resort and you won’t feel isolated so don’t worry about that! As for the bus journeys to me they don’t feel that much different to when we stayed at POR. You will love the hotel, there is something incredible about waking up to the soft animal noises and music that is pumped thorugh the resort in the early hours, its just so relaxing and tranqul at times you dont even feel your at WDW!


This is truly an awesome hotel. We were there last December and we loved it. We rented a car, just in case - I can’t seem to get my family away from that - and our car stayed parked in the lot the whole time. Transportation was great! We never had a bad bus experience. :cool:


We drive to WDW Resort (from Ft Laud where we live), park the car, and then we do not see the car again until we check-out to go home.


We live in Coral Springs and I pull the car out as little as possible, but there are some times it’s easier to get to and from DTD or another resort by car than Disney Transport.


What an AWESOME rate, CaraMia!!! But thankfully you will have your car just in case you need to go from resort to resort for ADRs. I ALWAYS have my car while at WDW. (but then again, I don’t stay onsite much…:huh: )


134 a night!!! that is such an awesome rate. i know i couldn’t pass up that rate if i was able to get it.

you got a wonderful rate, so enjoy. i am quite sure you will still feel like you are right in the middle of the magic staying at AKL. that resort sure looks magical to me:laugh: !


I’ll join the crowds to say don’t sweat it. You’re going to have a great time.