Second Ticket Price Increase this year!


:eek: Free transportation from airport! Free Magic Hours! Not very likely.
Those of us who do not use/need transportation from the airport and who chose to pay extra for the Extra Magic Hours at MK in past years are now paying for these Free amenities for everyone. :pinch: WDW changed their fall months from value season to regular season. When you combine the season change with the reqular resort increase, those of us who go in the fall are paying much more for these supposed freebees that others. :mad: I can understand one price hike in room rates and ticket prices annually. Is WDW going overboard by raising tickets prices twice this year? :mickey: How much is the Disney experience worth? We live out of state and have been going every year and staying on property. :smile: Will continued price increases result in out of state guests going every two or three years or staying off property? :crying: I hope not. :ohmy:


Two in one year seems like a bit much to me.
If it weren’t for the fact that my friend can get me in for free, I wouldn’t be able to afford it!


There are no magic hours for us who have to go in the winter time :((
I hate to pay for something I can’t use. It would be nice if they would discount the winter park prices.


we already can only go every other year… dont get me started on the costs!


i can’t believe the ticket prices went up. Why did the ticket went up?:confused:


Well, look on the bright side. The prices are still less than Bush Garden prices. It isn’t so bad on us because it is just my husband and I but we never would have made the 6 years in a row that we did when out kids were little at today’s prices.


Seems like everything goes up but the paycheck!!

There was an interesting commentary in the Orlando Sentinel this past week about prices and passes. Disney is in the business of making money, and even though prices go up the people still come. The parks have been packed all summer. This excerpt says it all!

[I]"To keep those turnstiles turning faster, or even to keep pace with past attendance figures, the theme parks must capture a greater share of the market. That means they must cannibalize one another’s crowds.

This is exactly what Disney had in mind when it came out with a new pricing structure in January 2005 called “Magic Your Way.”

Naturally, it involved a price hike for daily admissions. But then came this carrot. Prices would plunge the longer you stayed at the parks.

For example, a basic three-day pass costs $192. For only $10 more, you get admission for a fourth day. For only $4 more, you get a fifth. From there, it is only $2 more for each additional day up to 10 days.

Disney has four parks. The average out-of-state visitor stays about six days. One might assume this average visitor would spend a day at each Disney park, then maybe head to Universal and/or SeaWorld.

Now plug in Magic Your Way.

Let’s say your family of four is visiting Disney for six days. You’ve been to each park and now are considering options for days five and six. With Disney’s pricing, you could get the whole family into the Disney parks – there’s still plenty left to see – on both days for a total of only $24.

But if you took the family to Universal Orlando and/or SeaWorld for those two days, the tickets could cost you about $500.

Has this had an impact?

Last year, attendance at SeaWorld was stagnant, while attendance at Universal Orlando plunged 8.5 percent.

But attendance at Disney parks was up between 5 percent and 6.5 percent."

I think this success was behind Disney’s recent price hike, the second this year. The Mouse smells blood."[/I]

Entire column is at Disney passes putting squeeze on rival parks - Orlando Sentinel : News Columnists