Hey everyone, I’m working with Disney on their new film, Secretariat, which tells the story of one of the greatest challenges in sports, winning the Triple Crown (which has only been done 11 times in 91 years.) It opens today and I was just wondering if any of you have seen the traileror some of the clips from the film. You can check out this reviewtoo!

I’m interested to hear what you think :smile:


:ohmy:I want to see that movie sooo bad!!! I don’t know If my mom will take me to see it or if she’ll wait until it comes out on DVD… :confused:


I saw the coming attractions in the movie theater and it looked really good but not sure when I’m going to see the movie


My Mom. My step-dad & i saw secretariat a couple days. we’ve all been waiting forever for this movie! Our family has been a part of horse racing for a while & my mom just loves these kinds of movies.
We loved! The story wasn’t far from the real story for Secretariat & all of the actors planned their characters amazing. It’s one of those movies i want everyone to see…lol. I’m already trying to get my friend to go see it with me again.


love it!!!


Walt is back from the grave!


I read the review in our newspaper and they didn’t give it a high recommendation or rating so I might wait until it comes out on DVD to see it.


DW and I went to see this movie this past weekend. DW is really into horses and we own a couple of retired race horses so, of course, we just had to see the movie. I did enjoy the movie and I even stayed awake, which is big for me! :slight_smile: My one complaint would be the amount of french. I understand that some if it is probably not family friendly, but I felt like I was missing out on parts of the movie because I dont speak french.


Definatly looks like my type of film and I can’t wait to see it!


Like my daughter said, we’re born and raised racetrackers and we really enjoyed the movie… The race scenes gave you a real glimpse of the thrill you get when are there watching them run down the stretch…All in all a good movie and one I’ll be buying on DVD…


good movie just saw it last night…they took some liberties but a good movie indeed


The one thing that was wrong in the movie was that he was actually the 3 horse in the Preakness… A friend of mine who picks up stuff like that told me today…


the only hawleys I know from canada is the former jockey sandy hawley…heh


Nope not even remotely related!!! Kind of a quirk of fate I guess… LOL


My father was a jockey and a trainer. I’ve lived too closely to the track and to thoroughbreds and know too much of what goes on. Secretariat is such a inspiring story - but I don’t want to revisit those days.