Seeing fireworks from WL?


Can you see Wishes from WL? And if not, what are the crowds like leaving MK for WL after Wishes? I’ve only done buses for the values and never noticed the lines for the boats. Thanks:happy:


When we stayed at the WL in the Villas you could barely see the fireworks. I’'m not sure that you can get a really good look at them from any room.


Once we had a room facing a receiving area. We could see the fireworks from our balcony. Unfortunately we could also see the staff coming and going, as well as hear the deliveries. I would not suggest requesting that area just so you could see the fireworks though.


Thanks for the info. We are staying at the villas, but I didn’t know if you could see anything from the beach or pool or whatever.

Two nights I was planning on going back to MK for Wishes, but my DH isn’t as willing to put up with 8 million people for 10 mins of fireworks. His love of fireworks isn’t quite up to my level.:laugh:


I’ve heard you can see the electric water parade from the beach as it passes by.


The room I had over New Year’s would have given a 60 percent view of MK fireworks, but it was on the north side of the building and on the 7th floor, which is the concierge floor. This is probably the best view available from WL. It was still partially obscured by trees. You sure wouldn’t hear the music and you might not hear the explosions very loudly either.
On the other hand, the boat to WL is exclusive to that resort and even the small boats hold about as many as a bus. The big ones hold 120 and are H/C accessible. A packed bus might hold 50 if they are slammed in. There are also people who will take the WL bus and not the boat, so that siphons off some of the potential passengers. If you are on Main Street when fireworks ends and you don’t dawdle, you should make the first boat. There is some potential for a delay if the water parade is going by at this time because all traffic moves out of it’s way. Overall, I don’t think you’d have more than a 20 minute wait if you’re not in the first 160 or so in line.


That is true.

We had an inner courtyard room once and could see the high fireworks over the other side of the building. It was nice but w/o the castle and music they were just foreworks.

We’ve never had an issue with the transportation at WL, it’s always been good. The boats hold a lot of people and getting on has never been an issue.