Seeking "Help"


My girlfriend and I LOVE to go to WDW! We try to go at least twice a month when I’m not on the road for business. In fact, starting Sunday, we are going to go every weekend up until Christmas (when we leave for Europe for vacation).

Look, living in Florida, it’s the best place to REALLY get you into the seasonal spirit! With the Christmas around the world and the candlelight processional at EPCOT, the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights at Hollywood Studios, the “Ice” Castle at the Magic Kingdom… Heck, even the TREE at Animal Kingdom… Its freaking awesome!

Now I have been accused of being a “Disney-a-holic” from a few friends. I have heard numerous times from many people “I love Disney as well Dave but that’s just too much!” I have even heard “Dude, you are a freak!” But I think THEY are the crazy ones…

Do I need to seek help? Do I have to go to DA (Disney-a-holics anonymous)?


I dont see any problem with it!!:laugh::laugh:

Just stay here, you are in good (disney lovin’) company!!


If we live that close we would be there just as much. When we lived in Tustin Ca we were at disneyland every weekend except for XMAS, Thanksgiving, New Year, and Easter. Didn’t want to get trampled to death.


Haha, I agree. We try to avoid those times as well… Sometimes there CAN be too many Disney “freaks” gathered together all at once.


if I lived anywhere nearclose to the mouse I sure as heck would be there every weekend too papabear, no denying! As it is even our closest Disney Store is a good 50 mins drive away but we go there every 2 weeks just to get a fix so you are fine and in very good company here at MB!!:laugh:


Dude, I’ve read your post. And re-read it. You’re gonna have to help me here -

Where’s the problem?


[QUOTE=papa bear;1006067]
Do I need to seek help? Do I have to go to DA (Disney-a-holics anonymous)?[/QUOTE]

I thought this was ““DA””.

If not I need to lay off the bottle for awhile.:laugh::laugh:


In my opinion you are one lucky guy…I have to fly 2 1/2 hours every other year just to get there…I would definately go more if I could


i’m showing this post to all my friends who think i’m crazy for going every other weekend!


And mine that think 1-2 times a year is ridiculous!
Seriously- no problem I can see.