Seems I am full of rants today


I just got back from my local disney store where I purchased two 6-day park hoppers. I am so annoyed that I really want to call their store and division manager.

I was waiting patiently in line watching two sales associates assist one “cast member” who was off for the day buying up every clearance item she could find…waiting and waiting as they discussed every item she purchased, who she was buying it for blah blah blah. The lady finally looked up and seen me standing there and said they would be just a few more minutes…I told them no big deal and proceeded to wait…5minutes later they asked me what I needed cause I had nothing in my hands and looked “lost”… I told them I was buying park passes and they pointed to the display and told me to get what I needed and they would be with me shortly. I waited another ten minutes or so and was finally helped after I started getting a little annoyed. I made no secret about my impatience at this point and started to “huff” a bit…

They apologized when I got to the counter and again I said “no big deal” and told them what I needed. the lady asked me twice about the water parks and more option after I told her I didn’t want it…

she goes to ring up the purchse and just as my activiation receipt was printing, the register ate it…you could see the number for the one card clearly, but not the other. I asked her for a reprint just in case something happened with the cards so I had someting showing both card numbers CLEARLY…apparently this was to much to ask for… This woman needed a good dose of customer service skills as her’s were lacking. I told them that I wasn’t trying to make a big deal out of it, but would feel better having something with the card numbers on it just in case the worse happened and I lost the cards or they didn’t activate properly. The supervisor just kept telling me they activated…I really don’t care what the computer says, I want proof that it happened and after spending almost $600, I expect it…no demand it.

I stuck everything in the envelope and she said “did you just stick all that together?”…“uh yeah…I’m going home and need to make copies and put this stuff away in a safe place”…"she started going on about how she could not help me if I lost that envelope from here to home…

NO CRAP lady…I inquired about Disney Dollars which of course they did not have and she wanted me to get the gift cards instead which I declined cause I hate gift cards. She said in a snippy way “they are the same thing”…no, they aren’t. She said " you can just call and tell them to have them waiting at check in for you"…wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of getting them in the first place???

so, yeah…not happy with the Disney store. Maybe I am cranky today…


WOW. I think your right that they need to go back and learn customer service which doesn’t start with other cast members it’s with customers like yourself.


I actually thought I was just being cranky…i don’t feel so good today and I’m tired. I just tried to imagine myself doing that in my store and can’t, so it must be wrong. I pride myself on excellent customer service.


May I suggest a nice cup of tea?


Dana, I can’t believe you were so patient with them. Two people to check out one customer? I would have been all over them, especially when that “customer” was a cm. They treated you like you were a big bother to them. I’d have called the manager in a New York minute.:glare:


I think that may be needed…I am grumpy. sorry all.:frown:


Misery loves company, we can be grumpy together (although my husband calls it by another name HA!) You were within your right. Customer service def lacks in this country. BTW we used Under Cover Tourist for our tickets. I learned of them from this site. They had some good deals! Just a thought for next time! I hope your day gets better!


Nope it wasn’t you and being cranky- that was just poor customer service on her part. I would have demanded the receipt to be reprinted as well! They are not the ones stuck at the park if something happened to the cards!
Hope you feel better soon!:heart:


I dont think you were being cranky- what I do think ( and it happens here too) that some of these Disney stores are a ‘world of their own’ they do not exact the same customer service as we have come to expect from the resorts and parks. The Manageress of our local Disney store is very unpleasant and quite miserable most of the time- so no Dana, you are not cranky, and I think the staff that dealt with you were out of order.


I would have demanded a new receipt too. I keep receipts for even store and restaurant gift cards just in case the clerk didn’t activate them correctly. Can’t believe they didn’t understand that.

And who cares if you put all the stuff in a envelope or a burlap sack for that matter? It’s yours now (you have a slightly unclear receipt to prove it :laugh: oh wait, was that out of line? :blink:)

I would have been livid by the time I left the store. I completely understand.


I have noticed on my last few trips to our disney store that the customer service has been less than satisfactory too. Just not what you expect when you go to a store with Disney in the name!!


I think you could see a change in service at the stores a few years back when The Children’s Place took the stores over. I’m hopeful that things will start to change back to the Disney standard since Disney’s taken them back over this past spring. We can be hopeful! :blush:


FIRST - of all - since it was two castmembers holding you up, they should have put “clearance girl” to the side and serve you before her.

SECONDLY - $600.00 isn’t kitty litter. It’s a huge amount of money. Easy for her to say it’s activated. She isn’t standing at the MK with a ticket that doesn’t work.

THIRDLY - it’s none of her business if you want Disney Dollars OR how you chose to carry your purchase home.

I’m getting really impatient with salespeople these days (not ALL salespeople - a lot of them are terrific and a pleasure - but the little snips that treat you like they’re doing you a favour. I don’t blame you for getting snippy with her). Rant away.


Actually this calls for a date with the Captain.
Are those Disney stores back under Disney’s control or do they still belong to the Children’s Place?

This is how service works everywhere these days. That is why I do not set foot into stores unless I absolutely have to. I shop on line and get it done.

I have a question Dana, why do you buy Disney Dollars?

ummm and why don’t you buy the tickets at the resort?


I am shocked! I have had nothing but good service at Disney Stores and I have been to their stores in several states. You need to contact their customer service people and tell them of your experience. They have a contact form here.

To answer Dopey, it is usually cheaper to buy tickets at the Disney Stores because there are no Florida taxes added.


Ok, while were on the subject of customer service…On my way home from work tonight I stopped at our bank (the newly formed TD Bank). I went through the drive through. Twice through the transaction process, I was referred to as “Yo”. I get upset when my son calls me “dude”. I was boiling that a twenty something twit of a girl called me “Yo” to get my attention. Just as Dana did, I bit my tounge. As the transaction wrapped up, I sarcastically made the statement “It was a pleasure doing business with you”, gave a dirty look and drove off. In this enconomy you think that business would pay more attention to customer service and train their staff better…:angry:


That’s too bad you had poor service. I think when you work in a store you try to have more understending and want to give them the benefit like you seemed to do. I think that is why when your understanding is abused it makes you boil even more. I hope your rant helped:happy:


[QUOTE=Dopey;926561]I have a question Dana, why do you buy Disney Dollars?

ummm and why don’t you buy the tickets at the resort?[/QUOTE]

I’m a cash girl…no credit cards. I try to get as much purchased as possible before I get there to avoid having cash on me while traveling. I can’t get traveler’s checks anymore and just buy Disney Dollars for half of my spending money. I have my money seperated by day in shmancy envelopes to keep my spending on track while at WDW…I am only allowed X amount a day. I tend to get impulsive with spending if it’s not controlled like this. I have to see it…the gift cards don’t work for me visually. I’m a freak…what can I say? lol

I am going to go back and buy a gift card for the Counter Service plan. I actually have done that in the past and can’t imagine why I didn’t think of that while there…maybe cause of the BAD customer service…who knows? I can’ also buy the gift cards through my DD’s old school and get tuition credit and am now kicking myself for not doing that for the passes…stupid! I just wanted to get them bought and out of the way…I am not making good choices this week at all.:frown:



To answer Dopey, it is usually cheaper to buy tickets at the Disney Stores because there are no Florida taxes added.[/QUOTE]

Aha! thanks cubsblue :smile:

Dana, that is a great way to keep spending under control. I am an impulse shopper too, this would benefit people like me :cool:


Ooohh boy!! That is totally wrong!!! :glare:

I like Disney dollars better too. I think I may have to do that this year being that Iam renting DVC Points. Now you say, you buy a gift card for the DDP and use that to pay for it at ck-in??? I didn’t know you could do that. I may have to do that myself as Iam horrible at saving $$ and bringing on the trip. I usually bring my paycheck with me when I go and that is very bad as Iam hitting myself in the wallet all at once! If I can pre-pay the DDP on a gift card, that would be awesome!!! … Now do you just do the total of the DDP on the gift card or do you round up or down to make it an even dollar amount?

As for the park hoppers I usually get them at AAA because they are cheaper, I just have to pay the AAA renewal fee!!! :pinch: