Segway tour at Epcot


Has anyone done this tour? I’m thinking of booking this for my DH and DS. My son will turn 16 during our trip. Is it worth it? Are they going to see anything you normally wouldn’t just walking around? Are there any other Segway tours other than in Epcot?


Yes it is very much worth it but it may be a little difficult because of the people (obviously you dont want to hit them) . Yes it is worth it my Nana wanted to do it but she couldnt beause we didnt book it, and it turned out that was her last vacation… :frowning: So since your son is turning 16 I think it would be a great idea too ‘get away’ in vacation hope this helps


It’s very worth it. My DH did the Epcot and the Fort Wilderness Segeway tour and loved both if them. He went with a friend and his 17 year old son who also loved it.


I agree: the Segway tour is loads of fun! You don’t take it to see new things, you take it for the fun of riding around on that funny looking Segway!

They used to offer AAA discounts. Check to see if they still do. They have AP discounts anyway.


The Segway Tour is AWESOME! My DH and I did it in August of 2008 and totally enjoyed ourselves. The tours are done before the World Showcase opens, make sure they take a camera with them. If you have a Disney Visa you can get a discount.


I have never done it but they do have it at Fort Wilderness on special segways with different wheels


again do it, its REALLY FUN and a great sight experiance and interesting


The Segway tour was amazing! We did it for DH’s birthday this summer. Be sure and book an early tour and you get to scoot around World Showcase with no one there. It was amazing!


DW and I loved the Segway Tour at Epcot. We are thinking about the FW tour on our next trip.Riding on the Segways is way too cool. Plus people see you and say “I wanna do that”. Just makes you feel special cause your riding one and their not.:laugh:


Which is why the last tour starts at 9:30 so that you can ride around World Showcase without fear of hitting any guests and very few CMs.

Do it, it’s fun.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;938014]Which is why the last tour starts at 9:30 so that you can ride around World Showcase without fear of hitting any guests and very few CMs.

Do it, it’s fun.[/QUOTE]

We have seen them out and about after 11 but it may have been toward the end of the tour. They rolled right by us all having a great time.


Yes, I have a Disney Visa. I assume I can’t book this until I’m only 90 out?
I think this will be a great 16th birthday gift for my son. Too bad I can’t go,:frown: I would love to try one. Thanks for all the input, I really do appreciate it. :smile:


They are near the end of the tour, are in the home stretch, and heading for Innoventions.
We took the 9:30 tour and were I to do it again, I’d for the earlier tours instead of the 9:30 tour. Less chance of meeting pedestrians.


The tour last about 2 hours so they typically pull in about 11:30.

We did one of the early ones…maybe 8:30? That sounds right. Anyway, it was totally empty except for the backstage people fixing up details around Epcot. The painters were out in full force doing touch ups and stuff. Even that kind of stuff was really neat to see. And you learn a lot of awesome stuff about the countries.


I think my DH and friends did the early tour, they had to go before the park opened and were done and ready to meet up with us after we had only done a few attractions.