Segway Tours Suspended


Oh no!

I just read they have suspended the Segway tours in Epcot due to a voluntary recall. Some glitch in the software resulting in an unexpected reverse has caused some reported injuries nationwide. No word on when they will resume.

Now I have to see how they will handle my prepaid tour in December. I wonder if they will refund my money now, or wait to see if it’s all worked out by then?


After reading this article, it looks like the software just needs to be upgraded. Maybe they will be able to take care of this soon enough to not have to cancel your reservations.

Link: Segway: voluntary recall


I heard about the Segway company’s recalls on the news and I instantly wondered if EPCOT would suspend the tour. Thanks for the info DDoll, I had a feeling that’s what was in store.


I hope that they get is fixed up for you ddoll…The segway is so cool. You might give up running :laugh:


All Ears reported that it should be running again really soon,didn’t they?


Oh, I hope they ARE up and running, soon. I plan on booking the tour for Matt.


My guess is that WDW will have it up again ASAP since it is such a popular tour. They’ll probably refund the ones that they are not able to do, but hold off on refunding the ones they think they will be able to honor. Hang in there Debi. My guess is that they’ll be back up by the time you go, and if not they’ll refund the $ as soon as they know they can’t honor the ressie.


Hope they get the kinks worked out pretty soon!


DW’s asked once or twice about the Segway tour, but they’ve already dialed that back by not letting guests drive their Segways around all over Epcot. Anyway, she asked again last night, and I told he the Segways were all recalled. I’m not so sure I care if it comes back, but I can sense there’s a Segway tour in my future, even if it isn’t this week.


Haven’t heard an update on this.

Anyone else hear anything?


Okay. I found my own answer. Looks like it’s still on, as this guy just rode it in early October: AllEarsNet.COM Review Page - Around the World on a Segway - Epcot


I’m glad they’re back, my DH took the longer tour last summer and really enjoyed it. He said the two hour tour was just the right length to get used to riding it and to have some fun.


I just saw Segway tours happening today, so I know for a fact they are back up. Yay! :happy: And it looked really fun!


I won’t be doing it. Apparently Segway has a thong descrimination policy. :dry:


I hope you’re refering to footwear!


what is the segway tour, and what does it cost? i see them all over the place in manhattan…they seem like fun.


When DH did it last August it was a 2 hour tour. I think it cost around $68 (after a AAA discount) and the first hour was spent learning to use the segway and the 2nd hour was spent touring the World Showcase at Epcot before it opened to the public (at 11am). He really enjoyed it, and all his friends who joined him thanked me for finding out about it. They said it was worth every penny. I think you can call 1-800-WDW-TOUR to make a reservation. They are very limited in size (about 10 people per tour), and fill up quickly, so it helps to call way in advance (I think I called 10 months early).


This is great, because I’m banking on them not getting it fixed. Watching people ride around and then get launched into the leaping fountain would be a hoot!

Heck, I’d even watch Cavey in his thong get thrown off.


ROTFL!!!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


that sounds really neat. i will have to look into that for a future trip…