A few years ago they had a place where you could learn how to ride a Segway, without going on a tour! You could ride them in a designated area with a guide to assist you.Do they still have this?


I’m not sure, but if they do, it would only be after 11 AM when all the Segway Around the World tours have returned and it would be Segway Central in Innoventions West.


I remember that there would have been a charge for us to try them out. I believe some people (AP holders? DVC members, I am really not sure…) got to go into the Segway area and ride them with no charge. Innoventions W.


I would guess that you’re thinking of the Segway demonstration in Innoventions.

SEGWAYS- Unsure about scheduling a Segway Tour? Try one out for free. Between 1:00 and 7:00pm, you can visit Segway Central where you’ll learn about this vehicle and be given a chance to try it for a minute or two. (This does get busy.)

Epcot Innoventions, Epcot Future World


Thank you .


If you can afford it, I recommend the Segway Around the World tour. You get about a half hour of training on the Segway before they let you out into the world, plus, this is before the 11 AM open of World Showcase, so you pretty much have the pathways to yourselves. Also, I understand that there is a Segway tour offered in Fort Wilderness, but I haven’t done it myself.


Yes…heard about it when we did the Segway tour…it’s after 1 pm in Innoventions…the one closest to Soarin…I can’t remember if that’s east or west. Anyways, you get a ten minute training session and then one minute on the actual Segway.


It’s West according to that article.


The Segway around the world finishes for about 11 am every day! I ahve taken this tour twice and just love riding the Segways! They are a blast!! they will not let you ride at all if you are under 16. I recommend taking the tour it’s totally worth the $$$!


Wow, one minute for free? It would take me that long just to balance on the thing without falling on my face. I would like to try it though because it looks like so much fun. I am sure it isn’t quite as easy as it looks.


We’ve booked the Segway Around the Tour for our upcoming trip in November! I’m SO excited about it, just hope that I’m not the one that can’t stay on lol

CBR Nov-Dec 06
Fort Wilderness Nov 08


[QUOTE=campernc;858837]We’ve booked the Segway Around the Tour for our upcoming trip in November! I’m SO excited about it, just hope that I’m not the one that can’t stay on lol

They don’t tip over! That’s the beauty of it: they do all the balancing themselves.

However, we have found that if you run into a cement wall at full speed, you can knock yourself off. :laugh:


EPCOT has two Seway tours – “Simply Segway” (around $35 & one hour) which is an introductory course that takes you through a small course in Innoventions where everyone gets to watch you! And “Around The World On A Segway” (Around $85 & two hours) where you travel around World Showcase. My family has done both of these and LOVES THEM. I agree about going too fast – my son had quite a wipeout going at full speed (he was fine though!)
We hope to try the “Off Road” Segway tour at Fort Wilderness next time!!


Tell that to President Bush. He’s the only person I’ve ever heard of that dumped a Segway. TWICE!:laugh:


A group of us did the Epcot Segway tour which took us until 11AM and we had a great time! We are looking at the Fort Wilderness tour next year when the “ladies only” group hit Disney again!


I was so excited to try this…and it lasted all of 30 seconds actually on the thing. If I would’ve been there longer (as in the trip) I would’ve gone through and done the trial a few times, but it was our last day. Not that thrilling.


WIll they let 7 year olds take the tour?


No, minimum age is 16 for the tours. :mellow: