Sell me a breakfast buffet


Next task for all of you professionals . . .

recommend a breakfast buffet (doesn’t have to be a character breakfast)!!! This one’s for DH . . . his request. DS loves “get your own food restaurants”, too, and he’ll be happy if it has Mickey waffles.

1900 Park Fare looks good. But so do some of the others. Those of you who have done buffet breakfasts at WDW, give me the good and the bad!



:wub: BOMA :wub:

Boma - Breakfast Buffet - Animal Kingdom Lodge



Chef Mickey’s :smile:


For buffets with characters, CP and 1900 Park Fare are excellent!!!

only non character buffet breakfast’s Ive had was Boma and it was verrry good!!! :happy:


From what I have heard Crystal Palace has an awesome Breakfast Buffet.


Chef Mickey’s is a must do for us. I always book a late seating so we have some MK time then we just walk over to the Contemporary. We have never been disappointed in the food and the character interaction, always a fun time.


We always go to Crystal Palace. This year it was really, really good :smile:


Crystal Palace and 1900 Park Fair have omelet stations and meat carving stations.
Cape May Cafe and the previous version of Donald’s Animal Kingdom breakfast offered eggs cooked to order in the kitchen. I’m guessing the new version of Donald’s breakfast does as well.
Chef Mickey’s doesn’t have an omelet station and I’m not sure about eggs to order.
Boma has an omelet and carving station, but no characters.
All are good, but CP is probably the best, followed by Chef Mickey’s and 1900 Park Fair.
I avoid the princess breakfast in Epcot, and Cinderella’s Royal Table isn’t buffet style and I feel overpriced.


crystal palace… it is must do for us.always consistantly great.


boma is great…also try over at the beach club…chef mickeys…


If you get an early enough ADR for CP, you can have Main St just about all to yourself and get a no crowd photo of yourself in front of the castle. Plus you’re already halfway into the park ahead of the crowd at robe drop. Think of the fast passes you can get and the no wait/low wait stand by lines…


Crystal Palace has the best lox for your bagel… along with cream cheese and capers. That’s my breakfast nirvana. :wub:


The princess breakfast in Norway in Epcot is not considered a buffet, it’s brought to you family style!:happy:

and those 2 princess breakfast’s, I prefer CRT, better food but you go there more for the Princesses for the kids!


We have enjoyed the character meal at the Polynesian because you meet Lilo and Stitch, by the way. :happy:


i’ve only done Breakfastasarus, Boma and Chef Mickey’s…I liked them all but I am DYING to try Ohana’s breakfast!


I like the following places in this order 1 being my favorite

1.Crystal palace
4.breakfastsaurus (don’t know if it’s the same menu now that it’s moved)


I agree! This is a great breakfast buffet – very good food, and not all the chaos of Chef Mickey’s. We have been twice, and we all loved it!


Your lucky!!! We went for the First and Last time in 2004.
We had okay service, it took FOREVER for all the characters to reach us. We were sitting there finished eating from our meal and all waiting for the last of the characters to get to us and none of us were thrilled with their food at the buffet! 2 thumbs down! :closedeye


You gotta go!!!
it’s a must do for us!!! :happy:
the fruit, the juice, the breads!!!
those potatoes!!! :heart:


smee, is it too late to get into this buffet chat? We have gone to a few of them, and they all had something good to offer:

Breakfastosaurus – Krispy Kremes, breakfast pizza and other great food. I mean delicious food!!!, with plenty of time with the characters. Nice to be in the park before opening so you can avoid the herd at rope drop. If you book it early, you can easily ride Dinosaur and then head over to EE and grab a FP. Then ride Kilimanjaro and then back to EE to use your FP. Don’t tell anyone this top-secret plan! :laugh:

Crystal Palace – The most beautiful dining room in all WDW! Spectacular just to stand in it. This has the regular breakfast buffet type foods, but when you walk out, you are in the best spot in MK with easy access to everywhere. :wub:

1900 Park Fare – Go early to hang out with Mary Poppins near the front door, and a nice reason to go to Grand Floridian. The food was regular breakfast buffet food and the room was very nice. I would choose Crystal Palace over 1900, since the food is similar and the room is so incredible. :closedeye

BUT – We have never been to Chef Mickey’s, and I am sad about that, because I have never, ever read anything except total perfect reviews of the place! Soooooo, if I were choosing, I would pick Chef Mickey’s, followed by Breakfastosaurus, and then Crystal Palace. :mickey: