Sell me on an idea~


So Im starting to plan my next WDW adventure and was wondering which is better and why~

Sept/Oct 2009 for MNNSHP and hopefully free DDP
NOV Thankgiving week for the holiday decorations and MVMCP
The week after christmas will they still have decorations???
Any thoughts?? Thanks:heart:


Yes and the MJD Family will be there. New Years Eve in WDW is the BOMB…


Thats cool. When do they take down the decorations? Will they still have the Mickey party? Is it crowded that time of year???Thanks


well usually the week of thanksgiving they dont MVMCP scheduled but I do love that time of year …

September is usually free dining

But I am biased for October because its my anniversary month , Mickeys not so scary halloween party and The food and wine festival .


The Christmas decorations are up until after New Year’s. The first time we went, it was right after Christmas, and it was great to see all of the decorations still up.


Yes, and the Dais’lander’s will hopefully be there as well.


Whoot Whoot! I love that the name stuck!!

Anyways, I vote for free dining and FW. The holidays are packed at WDW and I prefer the lower crowds and the free food. We went for our honeymoon in '06 in early October and loved it. The weather was perfect, MNSSHP was a blast and FaW was awesome.
The decorations are usually up until around January 2nd or 3rd…we got there on Jan 7th once and the last of them were still up, but on our second day every bit of Christmas was gone.


are you back already???
I say go in Feb of 2009… that is when the Dorkmans return in full dorkman fashion- LOL


I’m going for the first time ever this Thanksgiving so I am leaning toward that. Last year and this year they have scheduled one MVMCP event that week so I would think it would be the same again next year. Have fun planning!!


Heh, I am going end Sept./ beginning of Oct., beginning of Dec. and end of Jan./beginning of Feb.


We :heart: October too for all the same reasons, 'cept it’s DDs b-day. Weather is great, crowds low and we LOVE MNSSHP!


Its a little busy, no different though than any other time. NYE is nuts in Epcot. BW area has so much going on NYE, the kids have a great time and the fire works are incredible.



October is nice. We’ve been there twice in October for the Food Festival. I still would perfer Winter break. You guys will love it.


To clarify, the last MVMCP before Thanksgiving is on Friday, and the first one after Thanksgiving is on Sunday.


When in Feb 2009!!! I was thinking about my bday week 3-14ish… If I did that Im not to sure DH would go for another in Oct and we want to do MNNSHP


I think I may be leaning to Oct because of free dining and halloween. Its my favorite time of the year… thanks all!!


Free dining ends Sept. 20th. They don’t have the MVMCP after the 19th as a separate ticket. Mainly because the park is open late every night to handle the crowds. You still get everything that you normally would except for the hot chocolate and cookies. Same parade, fireworks, decorations etc. until the holiday season for Disney is officially over (Dec. 20th - Jan. 3rd).