Sell me on Biergarten!


So I’ve been reading reviews on this place, & can’t decide if it’s right for the fam or not.
So, can all you knowledgable people please sell me on this restaurant!! It would be me, my wife & our 2 & 4 year-olds. It seems like a fun place, singing & dancing & all.
Also, is it as much fun for lunch as it seems like it might be for dinner?
We’re looking for fun places to eat, not just character dinners anymore.
Whispering Canyon is already on the list, & we start making our ADR’s in 2 weeks.
Thanks for your help!!
Also, if you had to choose, Biergarten or Rose & Crown?


It’d okay there, if you like HERRING :blow: :blow: :blow: Seriously - it is fun and you sit at these really long tables with other families (which didn’t really float my boat but I’m sure some people like that! :wub: ). I think if I had to choose between Biergarten and R&C I would say hands down R&C. :heart: Whispering Canyon is FUN!!! Have a great time!


I like both but if I HAD to pick I would say Rose and Crown…BUT…I got engaged there…so I may be a little partial.
Although, the two are very different…we actually LOVE Beirgarten for lunch, it’s less crowded…we like to go right when it opens (freshest food on the buffet)…you always get a front row seat for the show and the price is about 15 per person which is just as much as a CS with meal and dessert…and you can eat as much as you want…and I feel obliged to tell you…you can get a beer as big as your head. :cool:
Rose and Crown is WONDERFUL…I love the food and the atmosphere…nothing beats a night PS about an hour before Illuminations…you get a front row seat for the show…it’s very sweet and romantic…and kid friendly at the same time…some DCers will say that Rose and Crown is just “okay” …but I think you have to try it at least once…


I know a lot of people like Rose & Crown, but I’ve never had anything there that I’d call outstanding. Most of the food is pretty bland and even the signature fish and chips aren’t the best on Disney property. That honor belongs to the Irish pub at Downtown Disney, Raglan Road, whose fish and chips are a little cheaper, too.

The Biergarten is an all-you-can-eat buffet, and yes, you do have to sit with strangers, but the food is pretty darn good and you can find something for everyone. The German sauerbraten is excellent, as is the chicken schnitzel and spaetzle and gravy. There are assorted salads, cold cuts and cheeses (don’t miss the pretzel bread), and for dessert the apple strudel is outstanding. Wash it all down with your choice of German beers or German wines. Kids can eat Disney’s great macaroni and cheese, chicken strips, etc.

Throw in the fun atmosphere created by an oompah band that encourages kids and/or adults to dance in front of the stage, and you’ve got a much more enjoyable experience than Rose & Crown.


I would honestly NOT pick Rose & Crown over Biergarten. There is not as much variety, food-wise, in my opinion. Lunch at the Biergarten is definately more low-key than dinner but there is still music and great food. If I had to pick one I’d say dinner. They have baked chicken, fresh salads, roasted potatoes, then your usual german fare like schnitzel, etc… I personally LOVE it there. It’s one restaurant that DH and I can ALWAYS agree on.


We tried this in January and the kids and I were not impressed. But my kids are pretty picky eaters. I thought it was just okay. The “show” was just okay, and no one was up dancing like I had heard about. We won’t go again.


We really enjoyed the band, it was a lot of fun, and sitting with another family was kind of neat, (hard for my DH, he is very shy) but I have to say we were not impressed with any of the food. It was just ok.


This is all related to your family. If you like to interact with and meet other families and the music will not upset your children, the German hall is a blast. It is a must do for me, but the mini-mice don’t dig it - so I go when they are doing something else.


We ate here last year. DS was 8 at the time, not too picky of an eater but definitely likes his “regular favorites.” And, we’re not the most social family, meaning we’d definitely prefer to eat at our own table. That said, we loved this place. We had lunch there so, as stated before, it was a little more low-key. But the food choices were outstanding and the quality was great. DS ate more here than at any other place we ate. DH thought he died and went to heaven! And the people sharing the table with us were nice but there didn’t have to be a lot of socializing going on. They had their conversations, we had ours.
Good luck making your decision.


I am a first generation immigrant from Furth Germany and my husband and I just ador the Beirgarten I can say that I definately do not like herring either but there are lots of other wonderful foods there also It reminds me so much of OKTOBERFEST YEAH!!! As for the bench seating it is really like that everywhere in germany it is nothing to sit beside some strangers to eat and walk away being friends well maybe after you Broast accouple of liters too :slight_smile: anyways the band is wonderful and everyone dances if you have never been to a true Oktoberfest and not the cheesy american watered down version this is definately as close as you are going to get without an 8 hour plane trip … hope this helps , oh and I do have a two year old that throughly enjoyed it also and their was pan roasted potaoes and I believe chicken fingers there that he would eat also


Sitting with strangers is what makes it fun to go out for us Europeans. I had a hard time getting used to sitting at my own table after moving to the U.S.
Really. You meet lots of people that way and don’t stare at a TV, which is a really bad thing to have in a restaurant/tavern IMHO.
I have not been to Biergarten because I don’t want to be disappointed - I never eat at “German” restaurants anymore for fear of getting something they’ll pass off as authentic.
But for fun, you should give it a try, it’s Disney, you’ll enjoy it, I bet. :angel:


Yay!! I have family that immigrated from Augsburg. :happy: MAybe that’s why I am partial to this restaurant. No, really though, my husband is Columbian and he loved it too!


All this good stuff is true – the meats and salads are especially good here! Ph yeah and the desserts! BUT –

EAT THE PRETZEL DINNER ROLLS!!! Have some more for me, and take one home for bedtime!!! These are so incredibly good that I dream about them when I am at home!!!


Awwwww, Germany sounds like such a wonderful, friendly place! :wub:


Oh, I forgot to mention the beer… how did I foget the beer?


Aaahhhh, the pretzel dinner rolls . . . :smile: sigh

I forgot about those. sigh

re-adding Biergarten to our list for December . . . so many restaurants, so little time


It is a wonderful experience. We’ve done it on each trip for lunch. Great assortment of foods, salads, etc. Usually not a long wait, especially if you early. If you do have to wait you can start with a “bier” in the Ratskellar or in the square. Don’t miss the Oompah Band. The atmosphere is true and inviting!


DH and I always say we’re not going to eat there, that we’re going to try something new…but we ALWAYS end up at Biergarten! We’ve eaten lunch and dinner and I prefer lunch because we always eat too much, it gives you more time to walk it off before sleeping! Last trip, took DFIL and DMIL, who doesn’t like German food at all (she would eat a taco salad every meal if we let her), and they even enjoyed it. Honestly, I’m not that big of a sausage person, and I still like it. DS2 LOVED it. The show is always fun. DFIL and I had a contest on who could make the most trips to the dessert bar, and not with those little plates!
Can’t voice an opinion on R&C, haven’t eaten there, but Biergarten definantly gets my vote.


Biergarten is one of my favorite restaurants in Epcot… I love the pretzel rolls… those are amazing!
And the two-family tables are kind of iffy… once I went and the family next to us didn’t want to talk at all… and the second time we met such a nice family that we met up at Matsunoma for dinner later in the day.


The Biergarten has been a must on our trips for the past 22 years!!! When our kids were young, they thought the Biergarten was magical. They liked the feeling of being outside, and LOVED the old mill water wheel. The selection of food is very nice - and those pretzel rolls are TRUELY to die for!! Our kids would love to laugh at us drinking beer out of those enormous steins!! Now that they are teenagers, we just embarass them! I enjoy hanging out in the pub section of the Rose& Crown, but for lunch/dinner, it’s the Biergarten all the way!