Selling my collection of pins


Hello all! I have decided to see my collection of pins and also my new Pirates of the Caribbean watch from World of Disney.
I have over 40 pins that we have collected over our vacations… They are all in good condition. I dont know much about pins so I dont know whats people are looking for. I will try to post pics of the pins if anyone is interested.

I will be selling then for $3.00 or 2 pins for $5.00
Shipping for the pins will be $1.00 for the first batch and $.25 per batch after. Batch = 2 pins… If all you would like to have is 1 pin shipping would be .50 Please pm me if you are interested. If you are interested in my Brand new World of Disney times works Pirates of the caribbean watch Pm me to make offer. Thanks…


Ok. I cant figure out how to post pics here so I loaded them on my Myspace page. The link is in my signature if interested. If no one wants the pins I may list on Ebay next week. Thanks All!!!


JUst wanted to bump this up before I list on Ebay.


i just bought 10 pins, I may check yours out later if you still have some! good luck ebaying!


Jen—I sent you a message Thur myspace about the pins! Thanks…


Sure no problem! I will probally still have some left because Im not going to put up on ebay. I dont like all the fees. Thanks!


do you still have pins, and what kinds are there? thanks!


Sorry. I no longer have any. I sold them all. Thanks…


ok - thanks! Glad you sold them!