Semi Disney trip - We saw the new resort in HI


Really long flight to get to Hawaii. Two hours from Norfolk to Atlanta then 9.5 to Honolulu. Thank gawd for freq flyer upgrade to 1st class! Got in just in time for rush hour traffic and 15 minute drive took 45.

Checked in Marriott and just a couple of lots down is BIG new project…the new Disney resort. It will be a mix of hotel and DVC units. Beautiful location.


First thing Saturday morning we hit Pearl Harbor. If you don’t see anything else in HI, you have to see this. Get there EARLY as tours fill up quickly. Arizona Memorial is unique place with almost 1200 young men entombed. And 69 years later, the ship still weeps…drops of oil are still leaking from the tanks.

We also visited the Bowfin submarine and museum and the Pacific Aviation Museum on Ford Island. Well worth a day.


Won’t go into 7 days of island hopping cruise. But it’s a great way to sample Hawaii. Probably won’t do the cruise again as we were able to pick fav islands. Each one is different, and actually the stark contrasts in Hawaii is what stuck with me the most.

It is islands of incredible tropical forest and deserts all within minutes. Million dollar mansions on the ocean and homeless people living under traps along fences within a couple of blocks.

It’s NOT a place for BOSS. How much beer can you carry in?!?! Bud Light was $8.99 in the supermarket! And that was one of the cheapest.

Milk was $5 per gallon. Pepsi 2 liters $3. Gas $3.35-$4.

Just a couple more pics…DW & I after making the 700 ft, 238 step, 0.8 mile trail to the top of Diamond Head. Top of crater (10,000ft) in Maui. New life in the lava flows on the big island Hawaii. In front or Akita falls (433 ft).


Beautiful pictures! I love Hawaii but Oahu is my least favorite island so it stinks that that’s where Disney decided to build. It looks like an awesome resort, though, so it just may get me back there. Thanks for sharing!


And here is the WORST sign of all… :crying:

Welcome to Maui…


Your photographs are beautiful. DH and I would really love to visit Hawaii one day.


[QUOTE=rlcarmichael;1035089]And here is the WORST sign of all… :crying:

Welcome to Maui…[/QUOTE]

And that my friends is why I’ll never go to Hawaii’ !!! :laugh::laugh::eek:


So I didn’t see anywhere in the picture a DVC sales kiosk. Isn’t that a rule, all disney property HAS to have a DVC kiosk every 15 ft?

My DD plans to skip disney for a couple of years after this sept trip, I’m sure she will try to hit us up for using points there. I just don’t think DH and I could survive being stuck on a plane for that many hours.


Richard, great photos, especially the one of the sunset!
Thanks for sharing.


Great photos! I would love to go to Hawaii! My parents went every year for theri anniversary. I just dread the plane ride.:pinch:

Thanks for sharing your pics.:happy:


Great pictures! How far is Aulani from Pearl Harbor?


Only about 15 miles. Located on the far SW corner of the island.


Love the photos and hotel update!


Thanks! We will go.