Sending Mail from the Parks


Ok, I’ve heard a couple of conflicting things about sending mail from the boxes inside the parks. I had always thought it would be postmarked from Disney World. One of my roommates heard that it will just get a normal post office stamp. Does anyone know for sure?


It’s just the normal postmark, it won’t be Disney. Sorry.


I asked the same thing in Disneyland. :angel:

Got the same answer.

It is taken to the local post office.

No Disney Stampy poo… :sad:


No fun postmark. :sad: Here at DL, it takes longer than just dropping it in an Anaheim mailbox, too, because it takes a while for Disney to collect it…and then it just gets taken a block over to the Anaheim post office! :rolleyes: No fun if you ask me.


I suggest mailing from the resorts over the parks. The mail is picked up there more often from what I have been told by different cms over the years. I have been told several times that mail will get to people quicker if it is sent from the resorts. I haven’t tested it, but that is what I was told.


Don’t quote me but - it does not say Disney World but it does say Lake Buena Vista, FL - I think.


I was going to send my Christmas cards from Disney World when we were there last Dec. but when we found out that there was no special postmark, like the dorks that we are we drove all the way to Christmas Florida just to mail our Christmas cards!


That is sooo cute!!! :happy:


When I mailed from POR, it took FOREVER. It’s not all that far to Georgia, but mail took over a week. :glare:


You could, though, use Disney stamps… :marginally helpful smilie:



Thanks for all the help guys! I’ll go ahead and just mail stuff from CP housing.

HAHA Disney stamps, great idea! Really!


Gee, when did that change? I though for sure there was a special stamp when you mailed from certain boxes, like the one by city hall in MK. At least it was true years ago.