Senior Citizen Discounts


I booked my trip and was asked for my kids ages but not the adults ages. I am taking my mom along who is 75. Does Disney have any Senior Citizen discounts or promotions, and if so…what? Thanks in advance.


hmmmm… good question. My dad turns 55 this year, so we might be eligible. I’ll look that up.


We’ve been to WDW many times, always as a senior citizen and have never received a discount on anything. Would be nice though.


I’ve traveled with my in-laws and they have never been offered a senior discount and I haven’t heard of the resorts offering a discount like other hotels.


My mom had me ask about a year or so ago, and the answer was no! Would be SO nice if they did.


I think they should offer a senior rate,but I don’t think they ever do.


We were there this past September with my parents and there were no senior discounts for them


I wonder why that is? usually if a corporation offers child discount then senior discount is usually an option too.


I’ve never heard or seen a senior discount. Disney probably figures that it isn’t necessary. I agree it would be nice…