Sept crowds


Yahoo! Just booked Sept 7-12 at Beach Club with FREE dining. I know Sept used to be ‘slow’ for Disney, but with all the FREE dining buzz…I hear rumors that it is getting really busy.
What are the park crowds like?? Restaurants??


When we were there last September, the parks were fine - busy, but very manageable. The restaurants were very busy! I think September is busier, but is still very nice.


Before free dining, that was a very good time to go. The difference now is going to be something like this. Before the free dining, your typical wait time for the best rides during that time of year were no more than 20-30 minutes. In many cases, there was no wait at all. With the free dining, your wait times will get up to 50-60 with rarely a chance at no wait at all, although, for the most part, you probably won’t have to wait much more than 20-30 minutes for most rides. Still a lot better than 90+ minutes you will see during the summer months. The Night of Joy weekend is the 5-6th of September. That will have a minimal effect on your crowds. Expect to see a lot of very young children and tourists whose kids are not in school.


It’s still not all that crowded at the parks. they still have limited hours. the dining is more tricky however. you need to absolutely book any table service places you want to have.


We went last Sept during free dining…Sept 6-14th, and we walked onto all the big rides with no waits at all. We usually were at the parks at opening. But we were able to ride Soarin in the afternoon with FPs many times and in the evenings we walked onto Splash and BTMRR. The restaurants were busy, but we were eating for free so we can’t really complain. I loved how un-busy the rides were. It was our 1st trip so I have nothing to compare it with, but it seemed like a good time to go to me. It is very HOT and it did shower for a short time most evenings. But if you get to the parks early before the bad heat sets in and take swim breaks in the afternoon and then return to the parks in the evening when it is cooler you will be fine. We also took advantage of air conditioned shows/rides etc in the afternoons.


Typically, our trips in September have consisted of waiting no more than 30 mins per ride. Some only 10 minute waits.


We’ve been during free dining and it was wonderful. I’m sure as time goes on more people know about free dining and are going at that time, but its still nice. The weather is great and we never waited longer than 20 minutes for rides. We did find that the EMHs were very busy during the free dining period however. We waited 2 hours for Sorin.


are the EMH’s busier for morning or evening? We have no kids going so could stay until the park closing if that is a “slower time”


I’ve always found that they were busier at night. The extra hour in the morning isn’t enough to get my crew out of bed that early. However, two or three hours at night are great since we’re already there.


the morning EMHs are always going to be slower than the evening ones. People are not wanting to get up at 6am while on vacation to go to the parks…not the majority of them anway. the evening ones are busy at the beginning by slow down about two hours into it when the kids poop out…:laugh: We did MGM’s night ones last summer. It was a bit busy in the beginning, but we were the last people leaving at 1am. You can do both really, but I always get way more done in the morning ones.


Last September for us the hardest ride to get on was Soarin’. Anything else we could do without a FP (We always got one just to be on the safe side). With the Free Dining, we typically saw the parks fairly slow early on in the day and then pick up a few hours before dinner, then empty out a bit after 7pm’ish. I was shocked to have a mere 10 minute wait for Expedition Everest.


It wasn’t too long ago, I remember riding, Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Test Track and others multiple times in a row without getting off the ride in September. I am glad for Disney they have their attendance up due to their extra things like free dining, but, it was fun to be spoiled while it lasted.



We are going those exact days this year I am use to going in July so hopefully crowds will not be that bad


Well we go to Disney every year the same week, and we love it! The parks aren’t empty for they are certainly understandably empty for Disney World! We go August 24- Sept 2. I think it’s great. And yeah, its probably a little more then it used to be, but believe me, you won’t even relaize it!


We are so looking forward to going at what should be a ‘quieter’ time as we are no longer tied to school holidays and all the Brit kids are ( or should) be back in school- I guess FD will increase the levels somewhat but I am still feeling positive after reading the majority of the above posts that it will be quieter than what we have been used to in past trips at peak holiday times.


so I would think that Sept 19-27 should be slower as the kids are all back in school by then?


The free dining ends on the 20th, so the crowds will reduce even more then. I will probably go the following weekend or the weekend after that myself.


I have the free dining for my length of stay Sept 19-27. I was told as long as your first day checked in is by the 20th, we could have it.


Hey that’s EXACTLY when we are booked in for! It also makes me think that it may not be as quiet as one would think, if a bunch of people have booked exactly like we have. (hope I’m wrong!)


I’m still hoping the crowd will not be that bad. Kids will be in their first month of school and not too parents may not want them to miss then.

when we went November 10-17 last year the crowds were just right.