Sept. Trip Suggetions/thoughts


I am taking my DD from Sept. 25-30 to celebrate her 6th bday on the 28th, staying at WL. Here are my thoughts on parks and meals for the trip. I’m not planning on getting park hopper as we never seem to hop much - can’t get her out of the park. We like AK but only 1/2 day so decided to eliminate it this trip.

Fri – 9/25 Arrive at MCO at noon; head to Epcot. Dinner – Coral Reef (my DD’s fav) or Garden Grill if I can convince her. This is the first day of Food & Wine Festival so I know countries of Epcot will be crowded but I thought we could do all of the other stuff (Seas, Imagination, etc.). Do you think I’m crazy to be in Epcot on first day of F&W?

Sat. 9/26 Day at MK with dinner at 1900 Park Fare
Sun. 9/27 Day at HS - I would love to go to Fantasmic as we have never seen it but I don’t know if we can make it that late (and don’t know schedule for Fantasmic). Perhaps afternoon swim. No meals planned, probably just counter service.

Mon. 9/28 Day at MK - this is DD’s actual bday so she chose CRT for breakfast and dinner at CP.

Tues. 9/29 Day at Epcot. I really want to try Le Cellier as I’ve never been there but also have to somehow fit in Chef Mickey’s and still be back at MK for MNSSHP. Thoughts/suggestions?

Wed. 9/30 Bkfst at Whispering Canyon Café or O’Hana. Then ME to MCO for trip home.

Thanks all for your suggestions!!


Hey, we will be there at the same time and are doing the MNSSHP on the 29th as well. I would take it real easy the day of the party, as it can be a late night.

Maybe breakfast at Chef Mickeys that morning, swimming, a nap, a late lunch 4 ish at Le Cellier then head to MK for the party?

We are also going to Whipering Canyon, Ohana, 1900 Park Fare for dinner - but never at the same times, but funny your plans are much like ours. We love AK, however, and couldnt miss it.

Sounds like a great plan…it will be our first time during F&W, and I am a bit nervous…we usually go a few weeks earlier, but are going for my DS10’s 11th Bday on Sept. 22 - Oct. 4.


F&W might be a good reason to stay away from Epcot on your first night. But, perhaps a better reason is that after a flight, DD might not have all the energy she needs to appreciate Coral Reef. Also, since you need park admission to get into Coral Reef, it seems like a waste of a ticket.

I’ve always found DTD to be a much better first night alternative for dinner. My personal favorite is Portobello, but there are so many other great options. Planet Hollywood and the Rainforest are good sit-down options and Earl of Sandwich is great for a lighter dinner. Since it’s counter-service, you don’t have to wait for a check if DD starts to fall asleep at the table. :wink:

Here’s another thread about kid-friendly options at DTD, which then turned into an “I Love The Earl of Sandwich” thread:


:laugh: We will be there at the same time as well! And also will be attending MNSSHP on the 29th. Looks great to me! We’ve never been to MNSSHP before and are quite excited.:biggrin:


If you’re staying at WL, I’d strongly suggest you do breakfast at Whispering Canyon the day that you leave for home, especially as you’re using ME for transportation back to the airport.
Personally, I wouldn’t worry too much about increased crowd size in Epcot due to it being the first day of the food and wine fest.


Funny were are also there the same time and going to all 3 of those resturaunts but again not on the some day. We are Doing MNSSHP on the 22nd though.