Sept trip - tentative plan


This trip we had decided to “wing it”. Not plan so much ahead of time…but I cant help myself! For some reason I am compelled to have a game plan before we go.

Sept 15th - Vet (Kennel) opens at 8am. Dh brings the dog 7:45am so he is there when they open. Dh comes home, we pack up grandparents in the minivan with us, and we are on the road no later then 8:45am, and on the turnpike by 9am.

We should arrive to POR around noon. We will check-in then let ds (4.5 yrs old) decide what to do. The options: Downtown disney, or stay at POR and swim/playground until dinner time, go to Animal Kingdom, or go to MGM. Late Afternoon/Early evening we head over to MGM to catch the Fantasia show. No set dinner reservations.

Sept 16th - Wake up and head over to Magic Kingdom for 8:20am breakfest reservation at CP. Park doesnt open until 9am. Do a full day at Magic Kingdom unless we get too hot (in which case we would go to POR to swim awhile) or if we decide to hop to another park.

Sept 17th - Breakfest at POR, then drive over to Sea World for the day. We were going to switch to the resort across from Sea World but the park is only open til 6pm so it isnt like we will be driving back to POR late…so I think we will stay at POR. Anyway, get back to POR and probably have a bite to eat.

Sept 18th - Breakfest, then go to Downtown Disney. Promised ds he could go to the lego store. Hang-out there awhile then head back home. Gotta pick up the dog by 7pm at the vet.

Now just have to make sure that we dont get that storm. 8 more days!!!


WOW… sounds like a nice little vacation

We will be arriving on Saturday 9/16 @ POR… see you there.


sounds like a good plan. i hope you have a great time…


Did you request a specific bldg? We asked for bldg 15 - nonsmoking. We have never stayed at the Bayou section and wanted to give it a try.


I like your laid back plans and think you are going to have a wonderful time!