September 12 to 19, 2009


Well everything is set… I am still paying for my trip. But DH has decided that MissSMIG and I should go to WDW for SMIGGER’s “Sweet 16”.

We actually were able to change our resort… we will be staying at the All Stay Movie, I have never stayed in a value before, but it should be big enough for MissSMIG and I. We have 7 day hopper with free dining…

SMIGGERS is trying to figure out where she wants to eat… it’s her birthday trip and we can eat where ever she wants.

I am so excited, and so is she…

Thanks for all your advise


You will have fun, no matter where you are staying. Just look at it as an new adventure. You might be able to get free dining… You will have so much fun!


Yes… it will be an adventure… MissSMIG and I have already gone to WDW by ourself, but only have 2.5 days in the parks and we went commando on them. This time we will be able to relax and enjoy ever aspect of the park… and we really need to spend lots of time in Epcot exporing.

Regarding free dining… since we are bouncing back… We Got Free Dining… YEAH!


Awesome! Don’t worry about the values, they are nice and comfortable for two.

I heard a rumor when I was there this weekend, that ALL VALUES now have their own bus service. So the All Stars aren’t sharing. I think that was the biggest complaint of the values, and now Disney has listened!

Enjoy your trip and your YUMMY FREE food! :mickey:


:huh: Dee, quick question, we are bouncing back in Sept. too (9/26-10/03) and there was no mention of free dining? How did you find out? That would help so much!


The free dining was part of our bounce back offer. I am just lucky enough to have switched from CSR to the Movies.


Sounds awesome Dee! Smiggers must be so excited - sweet 16 at Disney? Doesn’t get better than that!


We asked her what she wanted and she said she didn’t want a party… she wants to be in WDW for her birthday AGAIN… which is fine with me.

She is such a good kid…


She is such a good kid…[/QUOTE]

Of course. :pirate:

She’s a baby Libra. :heart:

Baby Libras are always good kids… :flowers:



I guess um, that MissSMIG is actually a Virgo… :blush:

Shows how little I know about this astrology stuff… :laugh:

But, um, I think she still would make a good Libra! :tongue:


Log onto the Disney Site, and click what are you celebrating . . . there are LOTS of fun birthday ideas!


Remember to bring something nice home for DH. I am staying behind this year while DW and Spoiled Rotten will be there the week prior to Christmas. I asked for a new Mickey T and a totum pole from the Wilderness. I’m easy…I am going to surprise them with some decorations from the Disney Florist to brighten up their room for the holidays. They have stuff for all occasians.


Hey Dee, good to “see” you around her. I think you girls will be perfectly fine in a value. I think you’re going to have a great Mother-daughter trip.


Hey Dee! I was thinking of booking a trip for Madisons 8th bday. i was thinking on leaving 9/15 and checking out 9/20. I have to make sure Ed doesnt give me grief over it but i usually pretty much do whatever :laugh: The kids dont want parties this year they want to go on a trip so each will be able to pick what they want to do. When are the dates you are going? If we do go I dont think im getting the hopper. I may but may not. not to sure yet. Where did you find the free DP code? My DP wont be too expensive but free always works for me. PM me or shoot me an Email and let me know your details. Thanks!


Did that… got everything printed out already


I plan on it… something special for DH, HollyLynne and the baby too


That would be fun… we didn’t get a free dining code, it was part of our bounce back…


Oh…Got ya! I hope some promo comes out for me. I can’t wait to make ARD’s


Glad you girls will get to enjoy some mother-daughter time! Don’t worry about the value at all-- all you do is sleep there anyways! Can’t wait to hear your resturant choices!