September 2011!


This may sound weird, trust me I know but, we are currently planning another Disney trip at the end of September 2011. It’s September 28-October 2 to be exact and we want to know what’s going on then if there is anything. Recently when booking Disney vacation we find out after the fact that things are going on which we really didn’t plan and throws off our vacation schedule. For example my last trip in December was the filming of the Disney World Christmas Parade, which we didn’t know, and throw off our day at MK cause of the crowds and we didn’t know how we where even going to get in honestly. Now for my upcoming trip I just learned that it’s Star Wars weekend… and there goes our DHS day as well. So What is going on the last weekend of September so we can be prepared and plan ahead. Thanks and LTNS!

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The Food and Wine Festival begins on 9/30 in World Showcase. Otherwise, 10/1 is the 40th anniversary of the opening of WDW, but I haven’t heard anything announced in terms of anything commemorating it, so that may not be a factor.


I’m going the same time as you! Sept 28-Oct 3! and wine festival!


There is also MNSSHP at that time of year on select evenings.


Hello Justin,

The two events mentioned (MNSSHP) and the Food and Wine Festival should be a fantastic addition to your stay!

The Halloween Party at MK has an additional cost (discounted if your are an annual passholder) and the Food at EPCOT is sensational! You can try samples or not, but there is lots of extras to see and do then.

You can find out the dates and times from the website.

Have a great trip!


At least this won’t really effect our park times like the filming or Star Wars week. Thank you :wink:


It is our fav time of the year to go! MNSSHP is fantastic and so worth the extra $$…my DH age 12 loves food n wine fest! I will say opening night is a MADHOUSE…but fun!
Enjoy the trip :slight_smile: We check in on 9/30!


[QUOTE=Pinocchio’s Pal;1069006]It is our fav time of the year to go! MNSSHP is fantastic and so worth the extra $$…my DH age 12 loves food n wine fest! I will say opening night is a MADHOUSE…but fun!
Enjoy the trip :slight_smile: We check in on 9/30![/QUOTE]

“My DH age 12 loves food n wine fest”

Start them young -:laugh::laugh: :blink::blink:


Does anyone have the exact dates for the Food & Wine Festival this year?


It starts Sept 30th. I can’t remember when it ends.


FYI MK will close at 7pm for the party nights.


According to Allears, it runs through Nov 13.


Thanks for the dates. I can almost taste it now!


I noticed the MK closing time, little disappointed may do MMNSSHP. We are booked by the way! Two upcoming trips, i’m so excited!




food & wine festival is so much fun! MNSSHP was great the 1st time we went, not as great the next time. so we are not sure about spending the extra money to go this trip.

have you been in september/october before? i love that time of year - milder weather, lower crowds, great experiences (MNSSHP and F&W) but the love bugs are nasty. not enough to keep me away…


F&W is our fave! We only decided to go over the holiday season this year because we’ve never seen Disney all decked out in Christmas and it’s been on my bucket list. We’re such crazy Christmas people. I also am excited about significantly cooler temps. I have no tolerance for heat. We’ll definitely head back for F&W another year though!


You don’t want freezing weather like I occurred one trip though. Good luck with that, it was snowing in EPCOT! :whistling

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:angry: Our trip isn’t until October 2012…


tararae!! hi! your little one is so cute! I feel like it’s a family reunion - i haven’t been on on MB in a long time!!

WDW at Christmas is on my bucket list too, but until DH is out of school (he graduated this December) he can’t take off any time in November/December. It’d be pretty tricky for me too (I work for a church and that’s a busy time, haha) - but i’ll find a way someday!!