September deals?


Looking to book Beach Club in Sept.
The only discount/deal I can find is the free dining.
Does anyone know of any other offers? Or any speculation on any offers that might typically come out between now and then??


I’m pretty sure there was a buy 4 get 3 free deal but for Oct. I didn’t keep the Email but I’m almost certin that what it was. I’m booked for Sept and doing the free dining. For me it saved about $500 for the 2 os us.


I cann’t perdict the future, but he last couple of years, they have offered a room only discount for Aug and Sept. It doesn’t come out until after the free dining offer closes. Last year the room only discount started on 6/26 for stay between 8/3 and 9/27.

Below link to mousesaves has a history of WDW discounts: - Historical Information on Walt Disney World Resort Discounts

Hope it helps.