September / October School Vacations


Hello Fellow MBers,

I have always have heard that several southern states have a weeks vacation in either September or October since they start school so early. Can you all chime in if your schools have one of these and let me know what state you are from?:flowers:

We are trying to fill our rental homes for these months and we need to know what states would be best to target.

Many thanks!:cool:


Hmm…I’ve actually never heard this. I know in our state a law was passed last year that we are not allowed to start before August 18th…we were starting around Aug 5th or 6th before that…but never a fall break. We just got out in mid-May.
There are year-round schools which will have an intercession around early October. We noticed a lot of those kids there when we went in October 06.


We are in TN and our public schools have a fall break on Oct. 8-9. Good luck!


I just looked at our school calendar for N. GA. Looks like our first break is the long Thanksgiving weekend.


The Chattanooga area schools are out the second full week of October, and we typically know quite a few families that head to WDW for the break. I wish it could be us this year!


South Florida here . . . we have 4 days off in September and 4 in October none in order!! Just here and there!


Target Jersey the week of or before Veteran’s day…that’s jersey week in WDW.


here in south carolina we have year round schools that are to start at the end of July and we will have intercession in October and a lot of people go to Disney during this time


Here in our neck of the woods in NC, there are NO days off in September or October, other than Labor Day (Sept 1st).


Just saw this thread…

My daughter is in Knoxville, TN and is off the third week of October – which is how I can bring her to DL for a week this fall. :happy:

When we were in NC she would have long weekends around the same time (mid-October), but never a full-blown intercession like this one.


Here in Central Texas we’re starting school on the 25th of August, we’ll get Labor Day off and then we get a 4 day weekend (Fri-Mon) the 2nd weekend in October…this is new for us this year, not sure if the other districts in the area are doing the same or not. Most of the time, we have different long weekends and sometimes different spring breaks (they started that last year).


In Louisian our kids start school Aug 7th. Almost every city has their own festival. They start early September and continue through Christmas…and then it’s Mardi Gras season. I love the south! :wub: Children get anywhere from 2 days to 1 week off.


I think its the same way in PSL …